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Voyeurism: Caught in the Act (2/3) 
 75 votes
Author: jete0050  Published: 2/1/2008  story views: 19860

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something weird about it also.
I couldn’t help but stroke my own cock watching these two. By now these guys were in a 69 positions and going at it strong. Then the mystery guy said, “OK Bret you ready for me to fuck you?”

“Oh yeah coach, please just like you use to, I want your cock in my hole.”

Well that cleared it up somewhat, I knew this guy looked a little familiar but now I understood, he was Brett’s baseball coach from college. So jock boy Bret was getting fucked while in college by his coach, I wondered what else?

Then I watched as Bret lied on his back and coach was now pushing his legs up, exposing his smooth pink man pussy. Coach then bent down and started to rim him. Bret was now really getting turned on and he was moaning and telling coach to keep eating him and get his hole ready. Then coach placed his cock near Bret’s hole and I watched as he quickly inserted his cock into Bret’s hole. He didn’t waste anytime nor did he play around, now he had Bret’s legs high in the air and was fucking him. Bret was moaning with delight and encouraging coach to keep it up.

After fucking in this position, coach then turned Bret on his side facing away from me and once again entered him. Coach was now fucking him hard slam bagging his cock deep inside Bret’s ass. You could hear his balls slapping against Bret’s hole. By now I was hard as hell and reached into my jeans and started playing with my own cock. I was rock hard and wanted to just strip down and join in on the fun. But I knew I needed to watch from the sidelines.

After coach fucked Bret for a while he then pulled out and got Bret up on all fours and was feeding him his cock, “yeah eat that cock Boy, you like it after it’s been up your ass?” All Bret could do was motion yes as his mouth was full. Coach continued fucking Bret’s face and then he pulled out and pushing Bret back down on his back, he straddled his face and started stroking his cock, Bret was now stroking his boy cock, oh how I wanted to run in and drop right in front of Bret and start sucking his cock but again I restrained myself and was working my own cock.

Soon I could see Coach starting to arch his back and from his breathing I could tell he was getting to shoot his load. Then I watched as coach came all over Bret’s face. Soon Bret was covered with cum, then I watched as he stroked his cock and soon he was shooting his cum all over.

I knew then I had to leave but before I could my own cock was getting ready to explode and as I stood there and watched these two I started shooting my load right in my jeans.

Not wanting to be caught, I quickly backed down the stairs and went into the kitchen. Right after that I heard them coming down the stairs, Bret was telling coach how much he enjoyed seeing him again and that sure he wanted to get together but they would have to find another place as his parents were returning. Coach said they would work something out but he couldn’t host either, laughing he said, his
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Poster Thread
Posted: 2012/7/27 0:49  Updated: 2012/7/27 0:49
Joined: 2012/6/14
From: Portsmouth, UK
Posts: 7
 Nice Story
I liked this story, because when I was younger I had a master who would tak e me back to his place and he'd have one or two friends around. He'd make me suck him while they watched and when he'd fucked me, I would have to ser ve his mates. I loved it.
Posted: 2010/10/17 13:38  Updated: 2010/10/17 13:38
Joined: 2009/9/11
Posts: 10
 Caught in the Act... me too.
I didn't play baseball, I played soccer, still do when I have the chance, b ut it's tough to get a pick up match started up spontaneousky when you live in a city. I guess it wasn't much of a secret that our trainer/medic kind a had a thing for the guys on the team, and I was lucky enough (if you can call it that) to pull a groin muscle during practice. My captain helped me to field house, where my trainer soothed my injury. "Coach Carl" was a go od looking guy, in his 30s, but still very fit. I had always admired his k nowledge and his care for all of us. Our physicals were always painless, s o I was okay with getting the cortizone shot, and some other analgesic. His hands, warm and strong, felt so soothing as he massaged my leg, but as the y got higher up toward my groin, I started to feel a little uneasy. It fel t a little too nice, and I could feel my teenage dick start to stiffen unde r his ministrations. "Coach, maybe I should just go home," I suggested, tr ying in vain to conceal my rapidly growing erection. "Chris, all guys get hard-ons, but you can't even walk right now. Lie back down and relax, you' re gonna have to take a few days off to let the muscle heal. In the meanti me, let's get some heat on it, to relax the tissue. The massage felt amazi ng, and although I was apprehensive, I disrobed and lay under clean, warm sheets as he continued to rub my sore, inner thigh. His fingers were so cl ose to my stuff, and when a finger grazed my balls, I gasped aloud. Lookin g down, my dick was rock hard, and starting to leak pre-cum. As he massage d my hip flexors (both of them), a realized that he could now see through t he sheet, and maybe I shouldn't say anything more. I just read what I wrot e and this is way TMI! I liked the story, it's good, and I kinda relate be cause something similar has happened to me, but I think I ought to stop now , I didn't even notice how much I had wrote. Thanks for the story!