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Uniform: High School Crush (1/2) 
 23 votes
Author: sexystovall  Published: 5/28/2008  story views: 8653

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It all started one day when I was in JROTC at my old high school. I was 18 years old at the time. I was about 5'8, little muscle built, 190 lbs, brown eyes, black hair, 9-inch cock and black. Oh and my name is Wes. He was also 18 years old at the time and was 6'2, athletic built, 220 lbs, blonde hair, blue eyes and white. Oh and his name was Kyle

We were JROTC class on a uniform day. Everything was going on as usual. The cadets had formation. The squad leaders checked the uniforms to see if everything was ready before their company commanders check them, which Kyle was the company commander. While Kyle was waiting for the squad leaders to finish up, he came into the computer room of the ROTC building where I was working. Doing what he usually did when he came in there, which was ask me about all different kinds of things I thought he would know already since he was a senior in high school.

When he came into the computer room, I was the only one in the room, which I always liked. He came over and sat right next to me, closer than normal. He started asking me questions like what I was doing and what I was going to be doing later. Then he put his hand on my leg, which I kind of liked but he took it off when he heard some one coming in. The person was coming in to tell him that they were ready for inspection and he told them he would be right there. That is when he turned around like he was going to kiss me but whispered in my ear, "I want to eat you later, why don’t we meet in the locker room in about ten minutes."

“See you in ten minutes,” I whispered back to him.

He ran out the door, so excited that I thought he would just give everyone a 100 and tell them to go outside and not come inside unless some one was dead. But I knew he wouldn’t do that because Kyle was loyal to his duties no matter what. I continued to work and do my normal duties until I heard a lot of loud shouting and screaming outside the computer room, which meant that the inspection was over and they were going outside to march the rest of class.

I logged off the computer that I was on and headed to the locker room. I knew what was waiting for me was what I had been waiting to do for the past year. I entered the locker room and saw Kyle was already waiting for me in his shine uniform like I was wearing too. When I saw him I just ran up to him and started kissing him all over. I started taking every piece of clothing off of him as he did the same to me. The jacket came off, then the uniform shirt came off, then the tie came off, then I unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants and pulled them down until I saw his blue boxers. The same boxers that I saw when we were changing for a pt session that had turn me on before. I told him, “you wore these just for me.”

He said, "Yeah, I notice you were looking at me one time when we were changing for pt one day and thought you would like them."

I said,
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Posted: 2008/5/28 14:22  Updated: 2008/5/28 14:22
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From: Seattle Wa
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 Nice fantasy - but weak