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Uniform: Cop Sucker, Part 01- Forced Entry (2/6) 
 97 votes
Author: SirRichard  Published: 5/14/2007  story views: 34259

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next week I was sunning by the pool, when I saw two of the policemen that are living here, walk by the pool area as they were leaving the building. I recognized one of them as the one I had sucked off in the sauna room last week. He walked by the pool, looked over the girls, spoke and flirted with a few of them then walked on. He saw me sitting there in the sun. He looked at me, smiled and spoke.

"Hi, buddy. How’s it going today?"

I was rather surprised but pleased with the recognition. He looked impressive in his tailored policeman’s uniform; and a bit cocky and sure of himself, but I liked that too.

That same evening I was coming in from dinner at a local restaurant, when he pulled up on his motorcycle in front of the apartment building. I stopped to watch him park his hog on the sidewalk parking spot. He knew I was observing him and he slowly took off his biker glasses, helmet and his leather riding gloves. He lifted one leg over the cycle and stood up. He was a stud and he knew it. I knew my mouth must have been open and my face flush red. I was in awe at his manly appearance. He nodded directly at me and spoke.

"Which apartment are you in buddy?"

I said 208. He spoke out in a deep demanding voice saying.

"Meet me there in about 5 minutes."

Then he turned his back to me and started locking up his hog. I was in a state of shock at his demands and almost froze on the spot. He turned and looked at me standing there and he said once again in a stronger tone of voice.

“I said 5 minutes!” Then he went back to his bike.

I quickly opened the apartment gates and rushed up the stairs to my apartment to make sure that everything was in order. I was breathless when I arrived. I remember how beautiful he was naked and how great his cock had freely given me a wonderful load of cum. I could feel my heart beating and my face flush warm with excitement. I trembled like a young boy anticipating some hot sex with this policeman.

Soon there was a knock at the door. I hesitated for a second then I took a deep breath, composed myself and opened the door. There he stood in full uniform with leather jacket, pants, and gun…the whole 9 yards. He had put back on his helmet and glasses, which made him even hotter. What a hunk, I thought to myself.

"Come in." I stuttered.

I said nervously, as he swaggered into my entranceway door. His black, highly polished boots made a tapping noise on the tile as he walked into my apartment.

"Am I under arrest?" I said jokingly.

He did not smile, but sternly looked into my face, reached around his hip to quickly obtain his handcuffs and said.

"If that’s the way you want it." He said firmly, as he advanced to me, and forcibly shoved my body against the wall.

He immediately began giving me a body search; roughly feeling me up and down, reaching to my crotch area and groped my hard cock. He yanked my hands down from the
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Posted: 2012/12/19 2:56  Updated: 2012/12/19 2:56
Joined: 2012/12/19
From: Elkhorn MB
Posts: 2
hey, very hot. except for the water sports thats not exactly my thing but t he rest was great.
Posted: 2008/11/12 17:00  Updated: 2008/11/12 17:00
Joined: 2007/5/12
From: Montreal, Canada
Posts: 33
 cop sucker
Fucking hot man. Love your stories