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True Stories: taboo pleasures at the bath house (1/3) 
 84 votes
Author: blove69  Published: 6/15/2010  story views: 63252

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Being a married man who recently has been exposed to the forbidden pleasures of man to man love has proven to be a very difficult thing for me. I've tried so hard not to think about giving into the temptations that engulf my seemingly perverted mind but the more I try to resist the more I find my mind wondering to cock fun. I find myself wondering what it would be like to give further into my temptations. What would it be like to explore more?

For the first time in my life I found myself delving into the exciting world of looking at gay porn, getting turned on by it, getting rock hard to it and better still pleasuring myself to it. I found myself becoming totally obsessed with what was two months ago totally taboo and unthinkable for me. It all started with an unexpected encounter on a beach which is in a previous story but has now turned into an obsession. This is the story of my first bath house experience.

I had read about bath houses and all the forbidden pleasures that can be found in them.. I found out about a 5 star venue called hothouse in my area. I tried to resist going there. I felt guilty every time my mind wondered to what might go on behind those mysterious alluring walls. The more I tried to resist the more I thought about it. Twice I just drove there and sat outside before chickening out and leaving. I resound myself to the fact that I was going to give in to my temptations when I even bought myself a cock ring to look more sexy for when I eventually did get the guts to pay my first visit. Just trying it on turned me on, the heavy weight around my nuts felt awesome and it looked good to.

My wife went away one weekend to visit family and I knew it was now or never. As much as I tried not to my BMW found itself sitting outside Hot House. It was now or never and when I locked the car door I knew my mind was already made up. I nervously walked in not quite sure what to expect. I was handed a towel and a locker key and shown where to change.

Half scared but very excited I began to disrobe not quite sure what I was meant to do or what the expected thing to do was .I decided on taking all of my clothes off and covering myself with the white towel I'd been given until I could properly establish the correct protocol for the bath house.

I noticed about five other guys all staring at me as I changed. My nervous demeanor must have shown me up to be a complete newbie because they all looked unashamedly at me like cats ready to pounce at the fresh meat staring at them. Watching them stare at me further intensified my joint feelings of both fear and excitement. I nearly left but for some weird reason I couldn't, I knew deep down I wanted to be here. I craved relief and somehow I knew it wouldn't take long to get what I was looking for.

I wondered through the up market bath house exploring all my options. This place was completely out of control as I walked into the outdoor deck area I could believe what I was seeing. In the Jacuzzi there were two hot muscular guys going at it not caring about the growing audience of around twenty guys who were watching them. My cock

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Poster Thread
Posted: 2013/12/17 11:43  Updated: 2013/12/17 11:43
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From: Seattle Wa
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 Screw the condoms
Get it real and get it raw
Posted: 2010/7/5 13:38  Updated: 2010/7/5 13:38
Joined: 2010/3/27
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 Make sure to use condoms
Your story is hot. Remember condoms are a tool of sexual liberation . They dramatically reduce the chance of getting infected with many serious infect ions. Don't kid yourself, HIV is a very real issue. Many HIV positive men w ould assume if you are negative that you would insist on a condom, and if y ou didn't you were positive. Take care of yourself. Don't get infected and don't infect your wife. Use a condom every time you have anal sex, as a to p or bottom.