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True Stories: Woods Nymph (1/2) 
 55 votes
Author: muffy35  Published: 4/28/2006  story views: 11025

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It was a very nice warm summer’s day and I had stopped at my favorite rest area where there are woods in back of the tourist picnic tables. I went around the chainlink fence and onto the woods road. The mosquitoes and black flies were gone now...too hot for them and not enough water around. I walked lazily down the road looking for the men who usually lurked behind trees...waiting for some young guy to come along. I was in my late thirties and had recently been introduced to the pleasures of man to man sex. Though married, I found it a nice diversion. It began at X-rated theaters and then evolved into visiting rest areas. I preferred anonymous sex for some reason but also enjoyed sex with another man and even fantasized about a threesome.

I had gone far enough to leave the sounds of children and their parents at the rest area behind and hadn't seen anyone, when suddenly I saw a guy maybe fifty yards or so into the woods...heading away from me toward an incline. He was naked except for cut-off jeans and I guessed, sneakers. I quickly moved into the woods and followed him. He stopped and looked back at me...then continued walking up the incline. I know he saw me so I kept following...moving quickly so that I gained ground on him. He stopped again at the top of the incline and looked back at me again. This time he moved a hand to his crotch and made sure I saw it. I did, of course, and kept closing the distance between us.

He disappeared over the incline but I found him shortly resting by a clearing. He lay down and watched me approach him. I made some innocuous comment about how nice a day it was and he agreed. He was a handsome, well-built guy in his middle twenties with a great tan. I saw him touch his crotch again and knew what he wanted. I sat down next to him and reached over and put my hand over his. He was already hard and pulled his hand away saying, "It's all yours."

I undid his jeans and yanked them down over his raised butt. He wore no briefs so there it was...the biggest cock I had ever seen...jumping up and down...begging to be sucked. My mouth watered as I looked at the wonderful specimen...long and thick with a huge purple head. I reached out and took the shaft in my curled fingers and pried it up toward me. He was so hard I could barely get it away from his belly. I leaned down and licked up the whole length of it...letting my tongue swirl around the spongy head awhile before licking back down and moving my tongue over his big, hairy ballsack. He began moaning and telling me what to do.

"That's it, man...lick that dick...put your tongue up and down my dick for me...then take it in your mouth and suck it...take it all if you can."

I didn't think I could take it all. It had to be seven or eight inches long...and I hadn't sucked that many cocks before. But this guy was fabulous. The sun just beat down on us as I pleasured him. No one was around so it was just fantastic. I
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Posted: 2014/2/23 23:59  Updated: 2014/2/23 23:59
Joined: 2014/2/5
From: Qld Aust
Posts: 3
I have had 3 head jobs in the park and they were good ,now there don't seem to be any one there so its back to my hand
Posted: 2011/8/16 18:17  Updated: 2011/8/16 18:17
Joined: 2011/8/8
From: alabama usa
Posts: 18
 hot i have sucked men in park
i love doing men in the park like that. I love the thrill of mabe being see n and i love the quick ones.