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True Stories: Taking Care of Truckers (1/3) 
 60 votes
Author: imwilling  Published: 8/28/2006  story views: 14696

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From an early age I knew I was slightly submissive I just loved to please others. Around age 18 I found out I love to eat pussy then later on I also found out I loved to please guys just as much.

Ok a little background, this story takes place back in the early 70's when it was still ok to go bareback and eat cum. Also back then every men's room had at least a glory hole in it. Yeah at the malls the police and others mostly overlooked gas stations and sex there. I also discovered adult bookstores video booths and a local nature area by our local river and the rest stop just outside of town that was where I went most of the time for action because my favorite kind of guys were 30 something year old truckers who acted straight but didn't mind letting me service their hard cocks for them. Ok on with the story. I was at the nature area one night around midnight. On a hot august night and I was at my best spot, it was just off the trails a bit and was covered on 3 sides, it had a big log about a foot off the ground and I laid out a blanket so my head was resting on the log and on the log was a message carved into it that read for a great blowjob sit here and don't talk just feed me I didn't put it there but I liked the message so I was there and when I saw a guy come into the opening I would lay my head back and look to the side and close my eyes and open my mouth. I also would be playing with my cock through my leg hole most guys would see me that way and they knew what was written on the log and I loved that surprised feeling of a cockhead brushing against my lips and then sliding into my mouth.

I would open my eyes and take their hard cocks into my mouth and really suck them off or I'd let them take charge and just fuck my mouth hard and deep. I also loved to hold their cocks in my hand and look up into their faces as I ran my tongue up and down on their cocks. I also told them it was ok to cum in my hot mouth or they could pull out and cum all over on my face or do both. I also loved to be servicing one cock while another guy or two would be watching me do it and then I would take them into my mouth. This is where I was told by a guy I just sucked off about the hot action at the rest stop.

The very next weekend found me at the rest stop it was about 12am and it was hot so all I had on was a tank top and some gym shorts. I was nervous and walked in to see it was old, dirty, and only had a dim light over the sinks and in the very back were three stalls, all empty at the time so I looked in all of them and noticed the walls all had old glory holes at least 8 inches round and smooth. I sat in the middle stall took my shorts off all the way and put them on the back of the toilet. I was trying to
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Posted: 2009/11/27 11:03  Updated: 2009/11/27 11:03
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 Wishful Thinking
Totally jealous, wish I had been you sucking those hard spurting cocks. My cock is dripping with pre-cum, I'm so horny. Thanks