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True Stories: Strangers on a train (1/2) 
 20 votes
Author: Gmac  Published: 4/10/2010  story views: 7043

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Every word of this is true.

I was 18 and on the train into London to meet Louise for a second date. I was finding it difficult to suppress a hard on as I thought about what Louise and I might get up to, especially since our first date had ended with her pulling me off in Hyde Park; her giggling naughtily as I shot thick spurts of cum onto the ground.

The gentle rocking of the train was pulling my jeans against my engorging cock, with the seam of my button fly position perfectly against my helmet. I had foregone underwear with later in mind, but the snug fit of my jeans was threatening to bring me off. I was determined to save everything for Louise so I sighed, adjusted my jeans to create some space, and resigned myself to the rest of the journey.

After half an hour of waiting at Hyde Park gates I realised I had been stood up. Her mobile was turned off and I was pissed off, not to mention very horny. I thought about nipping into the toilets for a quick wank, but I'd heard they could be a bit risky. Instead I decided to get a train home and treat myself to a proper wank at home. The thought of that would keep me going.

The train was waiting on the platform when I got back to Waterloo so I jumped on and sat next to a window, facing the direction we'd be traveling. Shortly after, another man got on and sat in the same seat on the other side of the aisle. I thought that was a bit strange as apart from us the carriage was empty but the man took out a paper so I dismissed the thought and went back to staring out the window, thinking over and over again about that delicious handjob from Louise.

We were still the only people in the carriage as the train pulled out of Waterloo. I was still staring out of the window but the darkness outside meant the reflected carriage interior was clearer than anything outside. It was then that I noticed that the man across the aisle was holding his newspaper in such a way that I could see what he was reading. It was obviously a porno disguised in a newspaper, and as I studied more closely it became obvious that it was gay porn. I was horrified and started to panic, but when I looked at him closer I figured I had nothing to fear physically: he was in his late 50s and dressed in suit trousers and a tweed jacket, quite thin but fairly distinguished looking, while I was a slim but athletic 6 foot tall and quite capable of looking after myself.

He turned to look at me and I realised he must have seen me notice the reflection. I was still feeling weird but the thought that he was doing this for me was exciting. The train had picked up speed and the rocking returned which, coupled with the excitement of being watched and so obviously wanted, made my dick start to stiffen.

I've been told often that I have a beautiful dick; it's about 7 inches long, quite thick and uncut. I suddenly realised that the way I was sitting - left foot raised on the bar under the seat in front of me, right foot on the floor - meant I was quite exposed. It gave him a bird's eye eye view of my groin. Only the thin fabric of my t-shirt concealed what was happening there.

The man was

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Poster Thread
Posted: 2012/2/11 16:34  Updated: 2012/2/11 16:34
Joined: 2012/2/8
From: United States
Posts: 5
 Hot Story!!
No need for shame! A chance taken and enjoyed.
Posted: 2010/5/14 0:54  Updated: 2010/5/14 0:54
Joined: 2009/8/12
Posts: 33
perfect writing! loved the story, really hope you try doing fiction sometim e!
Posted: 2010/5/3 8:31  Updated: 2010/5/3 8:31
Ready to Blow
Joined: 2007/11/11
From: Cocoa Beach, FL
Posts: 301
 train ride
Hot story! Enjoyed it very much and was hoping for more action between the two! Oh well good story anyway!