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True Stories: Shower Sex at the Gym (1/3) 
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Author: bert8ernie  Published: 6/15/2010  story views: 8062

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I am a happily married man in my early forties.  I have a good life, nice house, beautiful wife, two great kids...but the sex is stale and boring.  We go through the motions each week but there is no passion or excitement.  

Lately I have been working out a lot.  I am trying to get back to my college weight and build.  I was in great shape when I graduated.  It is harder than ever to get the last few pounds off the mid-section.  After my intense workouts I have been going to the steam room to unwind and stretch out before heading home.  On one recent night I was in the steam room and a guy in great shape walks in.  This guy had what I wanted, flat stomach, toned chest and arms.  He was about my height, 6 foot with dark hair and eyes.  He was hairy but not so hairy that he needed an all over body shave.  As I stretched I noticed he was checking me out.  I have heard that there has been some guy on guy action in the steam room but I have never seen it first hand.  I was really curious to see if he really was looking at me or if I was wishing for something that wasn't really there.  I loosened my towel just enough so that I could do full body stretches.  He just sat there looking blankly and I wondered if I was making a fool out of myself , or worse yet, he wasn't even interested.  You can never be too careful and I was not about to jeopardize my home life for a quick encounter at the gym.  It was then that he ran his hand over his perfect chest and then down the treasure trail to the top of his towel.  His hand lingered there for a moment then he reached in to scratch his balls.  I took this as a good sign he was interested.  My heart was racing and the heat was starting to get to me.  I pulled my towel off to wipe the sweat from my face and expose my semi-hard cock.  All the while watching his every move to gage his reaction.  He took my move as encouragement to pull back his towel.  He had a beautiful 8" cock and was fully hard.  My cock is 7" cut and very thick. You could tell we were both new to this because neither one of us knew what to do.  I was waiting for him to make the next move and he was waiting for me to make a move. By this time the heat was just too much.  I quickly covered up and went to cool off in the showers. I motioned for him to follow. 

I stood in the shower with the curtain open to invite his glances. I was really hoping he would  follow me.  I had never been this far with a guy and I really wanted this to happen.  After a few minutes he came into the shower area and took off his towel.  He stared right at me and started to pull on his huge cock.  Man he was hot!  I wanted to take his cock into my mouth right then and there but it was too dangerous.  I motioned for him to head to the last stall.  I went to the stall beside his and turned on the water and pulled the curtain to make it look like I was in there.  I then headed into his stall and pulled the curtain.  He was

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Posted: 2012/1/27 20:55  Updated: 2012/1/27 20:55
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 very hot
Got me hard so well done wish we could hear about the next time