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True Stories: Seducing Two Straight Friends - True Story (1/9) 
 48 votes
Author: Etobicoker  Published: 5/15/2010  story views: 32274

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This is a true story of my seducing two straight guys into having sex with each other and I’ve always wanted to tell someone. Here’s how it happened. I’ve changed only the names.

I’m not sure if most people would classify me as straight or bi-sexual or what. I’m currently married and this happened when my wife Karen was out of town for work. We’ve both got terrific jobs but they require a lot of travel. We are each gone at least 2 weeks per month. It sounds bad, but we’ve found that it’s really kept us from getting bored of the sex. Every time we reunite the sparks fly!

On this one occasion, though, she had been gone for an extended period and I had been home for over 10 days alone. I had racked up a hell of an internet porn bill but thankfully another perk of us both having high-paying jobs was that we never needed to worry about money. I remember I had just been feeling so incredibly horny and my mind was absolutely in the gutter.

I was on my way home from eating dinner out alone and I decided to stop in at the local convenience store. It was late and the place was pretty deserted except for the clerk.  I took my time browsing around not really in a hurry to head back out into the rainy night, even though my car was parked 10 feet from the front door. I didn’t really have any reason to rush home anyway.

I heard the door chime as someone else entered the store. I looked up and saw two very wet younger guys sloshing out of the rain into the place laughing. One of the guys, the shorter of the two, immediately reminded me of someone. At first I couldn’t put my finger on who but as he walked by me to the magazine rack and I got a closer look, I realized he reminded me of Cary, this guy who had once given me a hand job at a party. It had been one of my only sexual experiences with a guy so I really remembered it.

Cary had been about five-eight with really red hair and a really fair complexion. He had a lean but stocky build that made him look muscular even though he really didn’t work out much. Now obviously this guy wasn’t Cary because the real Cary would have been my age at that point, 33, and this convenience-store guy was the age Cary was when we met – maybe 18 or 19. The resemblance between the two was really remarkable, at least to the version of Cary in my memory. Even his mannerisms and his deep-voice laugh were similar to Cary’s.

As I found myself staring at this guy over the food isles and transposing my memories of Cary onto him, I immediately found myself wondering if he ‘swung both ways’ as Cary had.  I felt my cock stir a little bit in my jeans just thinking about how Cary had seduced me into one of my first guy-guy sexual experiences. I imagined this boy naked and it aroused something in me I hadn’t thought of in years. I was absolutely riveted and I was found myself dying to eavesdrop on ‘Cary’ and his friend’s conversation as they bummed around the store.

Listening in I could hear that they were doing the same thing I was: avoiding the rain. In their case, they didn’t have a car parked just outside the door but were planning to walk home. They were killing time hoping

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Poster Thread
Posted: 2010/6/14 9:57  Updated: 2010/6/14 9:57
Joined: 2010/5/11
Posts: 7
 Re: sexy
Thanks. This story is 100% true. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Since it all happened I've been dying to tell someone but because because I 'm married I couldn't. When I found this site I realized I could share it w ithout really upsetting anyone. Glad you enjoyed it and thanks to everyone who have been emailing me.
Posted: 2010/5/19 9:58  Updated: 2010/5/19 9:58
Joined: 2010/3/9
Posts: 8
HOT HOT HOT great story, believable and made me hard