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True Stories: My Brother's Best Friend (1/4) 
 51 votes
Author: kenwitty  Published: 10/22/2008  story views: 15186

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This is a true story of a time during my younger years as a teenager, and one of the relationships that I had as a young man with my older brothers best friend, Daryl.

Daryl has been my older brother's best friend since we were really young, I would guess at least ten years. Daryl was always coming over to visit and would end up staying for supper. His mother had died when he was five and his father had raised him alone. He became almost like a brother to us.

Mother and dad had been so good to Daryl. They just took him in as one of their own. He would eat supper with us every night. Mom and dad would treat him just like Wayne and me. His dad worked the late shift at a local factory and he was all alone at home to fend for himself. My mother and dad were just good ole country folk and really good people, truth was they were kind and nice to everyone.

It was in late August, I remember the date because it was right after my eighteenth birthday. Daryl and my older brother Wayne, who were both a year older than I was, were helping my dad in the garage build a new loft for storage. Wayne and Daryl were helping dad by lifting and holding up the boards and rafters as dad nailed them to the posts and built the new storage loft.

It was an awesome time in my life, we just enjoyed each other, we were always wrestling in the back yard and having a good time with each other.

For about the past three or four years I had been noticing my sexuality. I found that I was having sexual feeling for guys, not girls. I really never gave it any thought, but I had figured that all guys go through this stage in life. A type of male hero worship.

Well one night late in August, Daryl had supper with us and dad said he could spend the night if he wanted. I was all excited about this since I was having sexual feelings for Daryl. I also started just staring at him, really noticing the big bulge in his crotch, god it looked huge. It seemed that every time I would get around Daryl my cock would get stiff.

I was so excited that night for some reason, I had gotten my shower and went upstairs to bed. Our bedroom was a large room: with two dressers, two chests of drawers, and one large double bed, which Wayne and I shared.

Only tonight I thought about doing something that I had never tried before. Since all guys at that time usually slept in their tidy whities, Wayne, my brother, Daryl and I all three stripped to our briefs. I almost swallowed my tongue, Jesus, Daryl’s briefs looked like he had stuffed them with two or three pair of socks. I just stared. Daryl smiled when he saw me staring. I felt a little embarrassment too. I finally slipped under the covers on the pallet on the floor that Mom had made with comforters and quilts and it was not too bad to sleep on, I had slept on one many times.

We finally turned the lights off and kept up the laughing and acting silly, Dad yelled up the stairs and told us to quite down
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Poster Thread
Posted: 2008/10/26 13:35  Updated: 2008/10/26 13:35
Joined: 2008/8/15
From: St. Louis Missouri
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 Re: Brother's Best Friend
thanks for the post of a comment. always love to know that guys are enjoyin g the stories. Have a great day and thanks.
Posted: 2008/10/25 19:50  Updated: 2008/10/25 19:50
Joined: 2007/12/2
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Congratulations had me more than moaning. Love M
Posted: 2008/10/23 1:12  Updated: 2008/10/23 1:12
Up and Comer
Joined: 2007/12/30
From: San Diego
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 Brother's Best Friend
This had me moaning, too. Loved it! Hope you write more soon.