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True Stories: Greyhound Bus Ride (1/2) 
 39 votes
Author: Sergeant_Jim  Published: 1/5/2007  story views: 6820

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Back in my youth the girls did not put out! There were no pills then and so most men were horny and had no place to unload their balls except by playing with themselves. This made it nice for me since I love to suck their cocks.

Very late one cold night in St Louis, I boarded a Greyhound Bus and found a seat next to a young soldier. As the bus pulled out of the city this soldier and I started talking. I told him I was just returning from Japan and that sex was plentiful and cheap. So as we rode we told each other cock stories. The people on the bus relaxed and soon most were sleeping the best they could.

The soldier and I continue to talk about sex and I told him how good the Japanese girls were at sucking cock. He was horny and interested. Then I asked him if he ever had his cock sucked by a guy. He smiled and said not yet. I laughed and told him I had tried it and the guy was better than the girls.

As we talked, the bus was dark and I knew the driver would not turn up the lights until we came into some town to stop for passengers. So as we talked we got into the hot and heavy part of our conversation. I had my field jacket with me so I let the jacket lay over our laps. I slowly put my hand on his leg as we were talking. Since he did not move his leg, I slowly let my hand drift up his leg. We were whispering so nobody could hear our conversation. When he still did not move his leg, I let my hand slide closer to his basket. He said he was very horny and I let my hand slide up to his cock.

He had a roaring hard-on and I squeezed his cock. We continued to talk and I kept my hand on his hard cock. I looked around the bus and could not see anyone looking toward us, so I started opening his fly. Still he did not move away, so I slid my hand into his fly and got a hand full of his cock. It was very hard and he just sat there, so I felt it was okay.

Then I pulled his cock out of his pants and let my field jacket cover everything. I masturbated him a little, and he told me that it felt good. I then slid my head down and under the field jacket and found my mouth around his cock.

We were sitting over the wheel of the bus and this motion from the wheel going over the bumps in the road made his cock go in and out of my mouth. It was just like he was fucking my mouth. He had a sweet and nice cock - maybe 6 inches - uncut and tasted wonderful. I enjoyed slurping up his cock when I felt the first spurt of his cum entering my mouth. His full load followed and it was hot and creamy.

So I let him cum in my mouth and I swallowed it.

After I licked up his cum, I slowly pulled my head out from under the field jacket. He said nobody noticed anything. We continued to talk until it was time for me to get off the bus. I told the soldier good-bye and wished

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Posted: 2007/1/22 13:31  Updated: 2007/1/22 13:31
Joined: 2005/12/6
Posts: 2
 Pretty good.
I spent two years in Germany with the 3rd Armored Division. Had some gre at times in Frankfurt and also in Paris and London. I love your stories.