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True Stories: First Gloryhole Experience 
 104 votes
Author: branman1975  Published: 6/1/2006  story views: 43169

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My first glory hole experience happened when I was 22 and attending college at the University of New Mexico back in 1997. I had transferred into the school from the Midwest and was majoring in architecture at the time. In order to complete my major, I had to take numerous art classes in the Art Building. The classes were always early in the morning, so I usually went to the bathroom before class and never had to go in that building.

Later in the semester, I was working on a project in the building and had to use the restroom. I entered the small room and there were sinks to the right and three urinals and two stall to the left. I customarily entered the last stall which was a handicap stall with rails along the sides. Soon after sitting down, I noticed toilet-paper plugging up a hole in the wall. I removed the paper and discovered a small opening to the opposite stall. I was about to re-plug the hole when someone walked into the restroom, opened the neighboring stall door, and sat down.

I was scared out of my wits. The hole was at just the right height and angle that I could peer into his stall without him ever noticing my head turned. I stared through the hole for a good five minutes in awe. I could see his thighs and limp cock only a few feet from my face. Soon though, he reached down and began to massage his cock -- surely knowing I was watching him all the time. He began to stroke harder and my own cock was standing at attention and leaking pre-cum. I instinctively began pumping myself as I heard him jacking off next to me. Soon I could hear him moan and say softly to me, "Yeah man... stroke that cock!"

Soon our eyes were glued to the hole. Unfortunately, the hole was too small to stick a cock through (plus the rail was in the way). Before I knew it, he was kneeling on the floor and sticking his legs and cock under the stall for my pleasure. I kneeled down and took his young college cock into my mouth and began sucking for all I was worth. A few minutes later, I could hear him moaning louder and then he half whispered, half moaned that he was cumming. I pulled my mouth off of his dick as he began spurting all over the floor and my face. When he was finished, he sat back down on the toilet and cleaned himself up. After thanking me, he stepped out of the stall and left. I waited a few more minutes in anticipation and in fear of running into him out in the hall. I quickly jacked off, still with his cum dripping on my face and his masculine scent on my hands and in my mouth. Needless to say, I visited that bathroom time and time again, and then I discovered other wondrous tea-rooms on campus.

Damn I miss college!
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Poster Thread
Posted: 2012/6/24 4:55  Updated: 2012/6/24 4:55
Joined: 2012/6/24
From: Quad Cities
Posts: 1
 under stall wall
I was right there with you man, stroking my hard cock as I read your story. I could feel his warm cum landing on my face. So erotic and kinky that I'm tempted to walk out of there without even wiping off my face. To pretend I don't realize I have cum on my face, to see the reactions of the people wh o see me on the way out.
Posted: 2010/4/24 8:31  Updated: 2010/4/24 8:31
Joined: 2008/8/15
From: St. Louis Missouri
Posts: 49
 First Glory Hole Experience
Damn man was the a hot story of a new beginning, I had that happen to me, a t a rest stop on the way to college when I was a little younger too. Loved this story.