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True Stories: Bi-Seniors 
 38 votes
Author: robdavis  Published: 2/20/2008  story views: 6142

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My life-long friend and I decided to spend some time together. We were both in our 50's. When we were young boys growing up together we used to play with each other's cocks. There were even times when I would suck his cock, but he never sucked mine. Neither of us had big cocks, but we enjoyed making the other cum whenever we could.

As we grew older, we got married and moved to different states. When we would visit each other, I usually made an attempt to suck his cock if we could find some privacy. I always loved the feel of his cock in my hand or in my mouth. He was surprised the first time I drank his man juice.

Anyway, on this day I drove two hours to visit in his home just to be with him. His wife was working, and he had retired. I did not have to work that day so we had talked it up. Both of us knew what we wanted. I had a couple x-rated videos with me that I planned for us to see. They did not have gay related sex. However, they did have other males with females. I enjoyed watching these couples and fantasizing about those cocks.

When I entered his house, he greeted me with much sexually. After shutting the door, he pulled me to him and began to kiss me. Definitely, I returned the kiss anxiously wanting more. As we became highly aroused, he began to undress me. When he took my shirt off, he began to rub his hands over my breast and across my tits. They stood at attention, and he began to kiss and suck them. WOW! I became ecstatic and went wild. I wanted more....

Soon we were both completely undressed. Our hands were all over each other as we kissed and brought each other to a highly aroused state. We made our way to his waterbed and let our tongues roam. As I worked my way down his chest, I took his tits into my mouth and sucked. I moved slowly down his body to his genitals. I took his balls into my mouth and rolled them around with my tongue. He let me know that he was getting ready to cum.

I took his cock into my mouth, played with his piss slit, and deep throated him. Soon he could hold back no longer as he shot his tasty cum into my mouth. I drank it down my throat wanting more.

Next we took some Vaseline and coated my cock and his ass. He lay back and raised his legs over my shoulders. I began to feed my cock slowly into his asshole. When I finally got in, I began to ram him. That was the first time my cock had ever been up an asshole. I fucked him and felt the excitement building. Soon I filled him with my juices.

As we relaxed, we put in one of the videos that I had brought. We watched couples suck, fuck, and play with each other. Both of us became turned on by the size of those dicks. I reached over to his hardened dick, and he took mine. It wasn't long until he shot his load into my ready hand. Then I fucked him in his ass again.

That was some reunion as it brought back memories from teenage days!
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Posted: 2008/2/21 12:08  Updated: 2008/2/21 12:08
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 Re: Better late...
sounda likey story. Same thing happened to me and my buddy at age 65. Still going strong. Jogger6732
Posted: 2008/2/20 21:56  Updated: 2008/2/20 21:56
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 Better late...
...than never!!