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True Stories: A Straight Bodybuilder's First Gay Experience (1/10) 
 43 votes
Author: tight-thong  Published: 1/3/2007  story views: 14544

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I want to share with you a true story of my first gay experience. I am (or now was) an amateur bodybuilder/part time model from the west coast. I always considered myself very straight and never had any problems with attracting women. I am 6' tall about 230 pounds and very, very solid. I work out regularly at the gym and take very good care of my body. This story will chronicle my journey a straight bodybuilder to the world of passionate gay sex that I thought would never happen to me. The story is a little long but it chronicles everything from the events leading up to my experience and I wanted to document everything so you have an idea of how my experience happened because this experience happened by accident. It wasn't supposed to turn out this way (or at least I thought). I hope you enjoy it.

First off, I would like to set the stage of events that happened that led up to my first gay experience. I was at my gym on the West Coast getting a good workout. I was dieting and about 2 weeks away from a bodybuilding competition I was going to compete in so I was cutting weight and my body was very tight. So I was working through some sets and I needed a spot so I asked this guy that was on the machine next to me if he would spot me. He said, "Ok" and I worked through a couple of sets on the bench. I never seen this guy before so I figured he must be a new member at the gym, didn't think nothing of it. I asked him his name and he told me his name was Tom. So we talked a little bit and he asked me if I ever did any modeling? I told him, "I've done some Muscle mag pics (no covers or anything big) and a couple of calander shoots." He asked me if I wanted to do a shoot for this European Production Company that was in town. I asked him what was involved and he said, "It is a calender pictorial shoot in combination with a DVD video documenting the shoot for sale in Europe." I asked him what they were paying and he ended up giving me a phone number to call and told me to call the number tomorrow and the guy running the shoot would give me the pay scale. I said, "I'll call him tomorrow and if I'm interested and the money was good I would do it." Tom said, "OK, maybe I'll see you there at the shoot. It is this Saturday." I said, "OK, maybe I'll see you there."

So the next day I called the guy's phone number and talked to him. He told me what the pay was and I was floored. The amount was substantially large and I asked him again figuring I heard him wrong and he said the same thing again so I told the guy I'd show up on Saturday and the guy proceeded to give me directions over the phone. I talked to this guy on Monday and the shoot was on Saturday so I decided to work on my tan since the guy said I'd have to do some pics and video in a thong so I made sure my tan was perfect and I was shaved up real good.

So Saturday came around and I got into my car and left in the morning for the shoot. I

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Poster Thread
Posted: 2008/12/14 23:22  Updated: 2008/12/15 1:08
Joined: 2006/12/30
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 Thanks guys !
Thank you for your comments guys. I just wanted to keep you guys updated on whats going on with me. I do not have the website up but I will keep you posted. I have been too busy making new gay porns but as soon as I get some time I will get the website done. I also plan when I get some f r ee time to do some escorting so I will keep you guys posted on that. Oh, and another tidbit I am still with my lover Tom and I have officially l eft my straight life behind. I am now a gay man but I guess after you swal low enough loads of cum that will happen. Talk to you soon.
Posted: 2008/7/23 17:27  Updated: 2008/7/23 17:27
Joined: 2008/7/23
From: oregon
Posts: 2
 hot hot hot
hot hot hot!!!!! leme know when the site is ready!
Posted: 2008/5/8 23:29  Updated: 2008/5/8 23:29
Joined: 2008/4/26
Posts: 104
 nice story!!!
how's the site going e-mail me if the site is ready at anthony_ang123@yahoo .com
Posted: 2007/12/19 17:46  Updated: 2007/12/19 17:46
Joined: 2007/12/2
Posts: 63
fantastic story and greta detail. Hows the web site going. M
Posted: 2007/1/6 4:50  Updated: 2007/1/6 4:50
Stuck on Sticky
Joined: 2006/12/10
From: NE Ohio
Posts: 821
 Hot! Hot! Hot!
Definitely keep us posted about the website... BardOhio