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True Stories: A Sailor On Johnson Island In The Pacific (2/3) 
 33 votes
Author: Sergeant_Jim  Published: 1/4/2007  story views: 3322

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a sailor there taking a piss. He was young – I’d say 18 -- blond, tan, blue eyed and had the body of a god. I fell instantly in love! So I started chatting with him.

I will call him Dave. Dave was very excited and told me how wonderful it was to talk with a female. He said her voice is so nice and sexy and she had a nice smile and so on and so on. It did not take long for me to find out that Dave was VERY HORNY. Since there were no females around the island, this was one of the very few females they had seen in a long time. After we had washed our hands, I asked Dave to walk around the island and show me around. Dave said, “You can see everything at once: this is it! A few buildings, a large hanger, a barracks and the mess hall.”

As Dave and I walked around the island, I began telling him about my experiences in Japan. I told him how small and cute the Japanese girls were. I told him that the girls in Japan only wanted you to give them 2 cigarettes to fuck them or get a blowjob. [Note: If you want to read about my adventures in Japan, go to the category Straight Men/Gay Sex: I have several sexy tales on there and they are all l00% true - just like this one.]

It did not take long for me to get Dave very horny and almost foaming at the mouth, after hearing about my sex tales and the girls of Japan. I asked Dave how long had it been since he had a piece if ass? Dave said he was a virgin! Man, I knew I had to have this sailor. See, I just love "seafood" and here it was: nice and fresh and never been used! I loved it.

So I got Dave so horny that he was climbing the walls. I led him behind some building and we just stood there and chatted as it started to turn dark. I started to rub my cock and I let Dave see what I was doing, as I told him more cock stories about Japan. I said to Dave, "In one hour I will be on a plane and will leave here, so you will never see me again. But I am so horny I feel like jacking off before I leave this island.” Dave was very shy, but he did smile and said, "That is all there is to do here.”

I slowly opened up my fly and put my hand inside as we chatted. Then I took my cock out and let him watch me jacking off. I said, "Dave, why not do the same thing I am doing, as we talk about girls?"

Dave began rubbing his cock and I could see he had a nice hard-on. With me pushing him, Dave took his cock out and together we were jerking off and talking about fucking. Then I said, "You said you have never fucked a girl, but have you ever had a blowjob?” Dave said he hadn’t, so I told him how good a blowjob feels and he said he wished he could find a girl to fuck or give him a blowjob. I said that if we were in Japan, a girl would love to fix him up. He just became more horny and interested. What nerve I used to have!
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