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True Stories: A Sailor On Johnson Island In The Pacific (1/3) 
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Author: Sergeant_Jim  Published: 1/4/2007  story views: 3321

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The pilot's voice came over the intercom in the 4-engine transport plane of the US Army Air Corps. He said, “Straight ahead is a small dot in this Pacific Ocean and that is Johnson Island.” Then he said, "I am going to try to land this big bird on that small dot!" He had a sense of humor. The year was l947.

We had taken off from an airport outside of Tokyo and then landed on Guam, where we were taken to a mess hall for our meal. Then we were put on another plane going to the next island and so on, until we were coming to Johnson Island. I had finished my tour of duty in Japan and a buddy was able to make arrangements for me to fly back to the States. I looked out of the window as the plane got nearer to Johnson Island…but the island did not seem to get any bigger. It was tiny! But the pilot did land on that little dot!

Johnson Island was just big enough to have a runway through the very middle of the island. It was a naval base for the government and was used to enable airplanes to fly across the Pacific and it was one of the few places where a plane could land and refuel for the next leg of the journey. Back in l947, no planes could fly across the Pacific without landing and refueling several times. So this was one of the stopovers.

The plane was loaded with lots of officers, a few enlisted men and one fat female that had worked for the Army in Tokyo. Regulations required the females to wear slacks so that the "Mae West" life preserver could be put on in case the plane had to be ditched in the sea. The slacks did not help her appearance but she was a nice and friendly lady, who was at least 30 years old. I will call her Ann.

When the plane landed we were lined up to get off the plane. When I looked from the window, I saw a large group of sailors waiting to see who was on the plane. When Ann appeared in the doorway, all hell broke loose: The sailors began yelling, laughing and calling to Ann, "What’s your name!" "Where are you from!" "Where are you going!" and so on. Ann must have felt she had died and gone to heaven! It makes me think of the film "South Pacific."

When Ann walked down to the tarmac, the sailors swarmed around her like a bunch of male dogs around a bitch in heat! They escorted her to the mess hall and all of the sailors sat around Ann and made sure she received the best of service. So one table was taken by Ann and the sailors.

I went through the mess line and took my tray to a table and had my evening meal. As I was having my meal, I looked over the sailors. Every one of them was BEAUTIFUL! They were wearing navy blue work clothing; the tight fitting jeans showed their cute asses and since they all wore the old style shorts, you could see the outline of their cocks hanging down a leg of their jeans. Remember this was in l947. Each sailor had a cute white hat cocked on their head, which made them even more appealing to me.

After I had finished eating I went to the men's room and found

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