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True Stories: A Boy Scout Memorial (3/5) 
 134 votes
Author: bardnc  Published: 8/25/2008  story views: 19827

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through the woods with stops at various locales which had meaning to the scouts and their lost comrade. Windy instructed the Dads to “Just go along and just do exactly everything that your sons are doing.” There was a little ritual on the river bank, another ritual on the high bluff overlooking the river. There was a longer ceremony deep in the woods, where the gang apparently had frequent overnight gatherings. We arrived back to the lodge area in the late afternoon, and the ensuing cook-out was a grand event, with the former scouts cooking steaks and fixings that were just the right touch for a manly Dad and Son event. There was a fitting tribute and memorial to the departed around a blazing campfire in the evening and the event was deemed a success. There was not a dry eye, certainly not mine, and I am sure that every person in attendance felt that this had been a fitting memorial. We sat and talked around the campfire for a long time, until the fire was only embers and the beer coolers were empty, before heading off to find our beds.

After more bullshit and conversation back in our cabin, I got myself ready for bed, and was lying in my bunk waiting for quiet and “lights out”. Corey’s Dad was taking his time in the bathroom. He finally appeared after his shower with a towel around his neck and in a white T-shirt and white jockey shorts. He switched the lights off and in the quiet darkness crept up close to my bunk and whispered, “Hey you wanna hear something funny?” Sure, I said. He was chuckling as he softly said, “I think our sons are having it off together in the next room.”

I sat bolt upright, not really sure I had heard him right, so I asked him directly “What do you mean? How do you know, what makes you think so?”

He was still chuckling as he said that he had cracked their door an inch or so to stick his head in to say good night and could see our sons were working away in a sixty-nine. He closed the door and they did not see or notice him.

I was amazed, a bit shocked, highly titillated and also quite amused. “I gotta check that out,” I said, and I did just that. I quietly cracked their bedroom door just a little crack and, No, he had not been imagining or exaggerating, since the noise alone--- the moans and groans, the sucking and slurping--- would have given away the fact that they were having sex of some sort. There was also just enough light to see their naked bodies in the head-to-cock position and they were actively going for dick. I could see that his son Corey was in the top position in the little bunk bed.

I closed the door softly and went back to the bedroom. Certainly it was an erotic visual but I was not voicing or registering my own stunned reaction until he said, “Fucking Hot, isn’t it?” His comment took me by surprise, but I was even more surprised when he reached out and rubbed my crotch in the darkness. I was now bulging noticeably. In return and out of curiosity, I brushed my hand against his crotch and discovered that he had lost his underwear
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Poster Thread
Posted: 2010/3/1 11:27  Updated: 2010/3/1 11:27
Joined: 2010/2/24
From: Central Texas
Posts: 27
I'm an Eagle oh my where were all you when I was in scouts? This s tory was a little over the top for me as there are hints of incest that don 't float my boat, but there were many times I wanted someone to hold...okay , I confess, there was once, but that is another story :)
Posted: 2009/5/13 1:44  Updated: 2009/5/13 1:44
Joined: 2009/5/12
Posts: 4
 Boy scout
Wow, I am an eagle scout too and I wish this happened to me, would have bee the time of my life
Posted: 2008/9/14 4:40  Updated: 2008/9/14 4:40
Joined: 2007/7/7
Posts: 144
 Boy Scout Memorial
I was an Eagle Scout but was not so lucky. Great story Josh
Posted: 2008/9/7 21:45  Updated: 2008/9/7 21:45
Joined: 2008/3/24
Posts: 34
awesome story
Posted: 2008/8/27 2:56  Updated: 2008/8/27 2:56
Up and Comer
Joined: 2007/12/30
From: San Diego
Posts: 169
 Boy Scout Memorial
I loved it, too. Great style. Great heat. I'm wet.
Posted: 2008/8/25 19:32  Updated: 2008/8/25 19:32
Joined: 2008/8/15
From: St. Louis Missouri
Posts: 49
 Boy Scout Memorial
Loved the story, got really turned on, ended up stroking off to it. Great w riting