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True Stories: A Boy Scout Memorial (1/5) 
 134 votes
Author: bardnc  Published: 8/25/2008  story views: 19824

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It had been several years since I had gone to a Boy Scout Camp and I kept thinking, “I am too old for this.” But here I was, age forty-something, heading off for a campout.

In reality, it was for a more serious motivation than just for a camp-out. There had been a tragic accident involving a father and son from the local scout troop and the former troop members and their Dads had been summoned to attend a Memorial Service event at the traditional Boy Scout camp in the woods. I was more than a little surprised at the nearly 100% response, since the guys were all older and were either working or in college and most of the Dads had no on-going interest in the Boy Scouts. But almost every scout and almost every Dad had agreed to attend. My own son was a sophomore at college and highly motivated to attend this outing. He was arriving with one of his college buddies, and his father and I were to meet them at the campground.

We could have been in actual tents for the camp-out, but by paying a few bucks, we were staying in one of the log cabins. When I checked in, I found that my son and I were in a room that had two rather small twin beds, with a connecting bathroom that was shared by another room with the same set up with two small twin beds. His buddy and Dad would be our cabin mates. I had arrived early and with little to do, I found myself enjoying the solitude by lying on the bunk, reading a book, and waiting for the others to arrive.

When I was awakened by a knock, I quickly responded with a “Come on in!” assuming it was going to be my son. Instead it was “Windy”, who had been the Eagle Scout leader of the troop as the guys earned their badges through their pubescent years. “Windy” was the nickname for Wendell, but he would be forever Windy to all who knew him, even though he was now married with kids. He came in and sat down on the bunk bed opposite, and was as chatty as I remembered him to be; reminiscing, expressing appreciation for attending, just rabbiting on and on. I surmised he had little to do at the moment and was simply filling in time and thankful for someone to talk with. He outlined the events of the day and evening, which would culminate with a campfire, and I could tell we were in for some well-planned and appropriate sentimental moments.

Windy just kept hanging with me, and I began to think that he had some ulterior reason for his doing so. Then it struck me that the reason might be that he was checking me out pretty carefully, physically. I had stripped down to my jockey shorts while lying on the bunk bed, and Windy seemed to be taking in the full view of my mounded crotch. I had been oblivious to my state of undress. After all, it was an all-male environment. Knowing that someone is checking me out, however, has always caused my rather large dick to rear its rather large mushroom head, and this seemed to be what was now happening. Windy was intrigued and was making little harmless excuses to stay and chat while he watched my crotch grow up and
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Poster Thread
Posted: 2010/3/1 11:27  Updated: 2010/3/1 11:27
Joined: 2010/2/24
From: Central Texas
Posts: 27
I'm an Eagle oh my where were all you when I was in scouts? This s tory was a little over the top for me as there are hints of incest that don 't float my boat, but there were many times I wanted someone to hold...okay , I confess, there was once, but that is another story :)
Posted: 2009/5/13 1:44  Updated: 2009/5/13 1:44
Joined: 2009/5/12
Posts: 4
 Boy scout
Wow, I am an eagle scout too and I wish this happened to me, would have bee the time of my life
Posted: 2008/9/14 4:40  Updated: 2008/9/14 4:40
Joined: 2007/7/7
Posts: 144
 Boy Scout Memorial
I was an Eagle Scout but was not so lucky. Great story Josh
Posted: 2008/9/7 21:45  Updated: 2008/9/7 21:45
Joined: 2008/3/24
Posts: 34
awesome story
Posted: 2008/8/27 2:56  Updated: 2008/8/27 2:56
Up and Comer
Joined: 2007/12/30
From: San Diego
Posts: 169
 Boy Scout Memorial
I loved it, too. Great style. Great heat. I'm wet.
Posted: 2008/8/25 19:32  Updated: 2008/8/25 19:32
Joined: 2008/8/15
From: St. Louis Missouri
Posts: 49
 Boy Scout Memorial
Loved the story, got really turned on, ended up stroking off to it. Great w riting