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True Stories: 1955 - Austria - The Landlady's Grandson (3/4) 
 44 votes
Author: Sergeant_Jim  Published: 4/26/2007  story views: 3708

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I thought that maybe I should let his young beauty find out. I sucked his dick and he was moaning and groaning as I did it. He would not give up and kept telling me that he wanted to fuck.

I mostly would not let anyone fuck me, but still, if everything was just right, well then, I might. I got his cock as wet as I could, then I put some cream on his dick. I moved into position on my side and told him what to do. He began putting his greasy cock up to my anus. I had been fingering myself to get it open, so with the grease, spit and my finger, I was opening. Then he pushed his cock into my ass. Man, he had a big dick for a young guy!

What a great feeling that was as this young straight guy fucked for the first time. My ass was open and had a lot of cream in it, so he could slide it in, nice and easy. Then he took over and started fucking me like a stud. He was gentle, but forceful at the same time. He just shoved his meat up my ass and it was like a jackhammer. Bang, bang, bang. By this time I was wet and very open. He said he did not know it could feel so good. I told him that it should feel like a pussy feels. He is fucking me and says, "So this is how pussy feels". I told him yes and he told me he loves pussy if it feels this good.

On my last day that I was in Salzburg, he knocked on my door. It was in the early afternoon and I had just taken a shower. I was nude when I opened the door for him. He told me that he would miss me and we both had a beer. He asked if he could fuck me again. Since it was so much fun the last time he fucked me, I agreed.

He took his clothing off and climbed into my bed with me. Again I started licking his beautiful body and sucking his cock. I would go down all the way as he started holding my head and fucking my mouth. This young guy just loved sex and was horny all of the time.

He then asked me to let him fuck me again. I got the cream and put some on his dick, then spit on it to get it wet, and I sat down on his cock. Slowly, I let his cock slide up my horny butt. Once I got his dick going and my ass open, I gave him the fuck of his life. I rode his cock, up and down, in and out. I was horny as hell and wanted him in every way. I was riding his cock when he started moaning and shooting his cum up my ass. What a ride that was!

We both took a shower, got dressed and
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Posted: 2008/8/24 22:19  Updated: 2008/8/24 22:19
Joined: 2007/4/21
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I hope that you enjoyed yourself at both ends, I can't wait too!