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True Stories: 1945 - My Second Time - A Real Cowboy (1/3) 
 146 votes
Author: Sergeant_Jim  Published: 11/21/2006  story views: 41998

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When I was a young guy, I was forced to live on the streets because my parents did not want me. It was an excellent education for me. Street people knew how to live, get along, and to look out for each other. Once the street people knew my problems, they all seemed to look out for this dumb kid. They would warn me to avoid certain creeps and protected me when they could.

I would wash dishes in some greasy cafe for my food. I would clean floors in order to get some money. I had to do all kind of jobs to get by. It was a terrible life for a young guy like me. It was freezing weather, but for a little money, I could go to a cheap movie and get warm. Every day was an education for me, and it taught me to take care of myself. I was a street kid, so I knew how to fight if I had to, and there were times that I had to protect myself. I am amazed that I came out of that as good as I did.

In l945, I was in the army. I was underage, but the army let me stay in until I was 18, then they sent me overseas, to Japan (1946). If you read my story "1945 - My First Time" you will know about this handsome Cherokee Indian. He talked me into sucking his cock and that was my first gay sex. After that, I thought that gay guys only sucked straight guy's dicks. So after sucking on that Indian's cock, I liked it and I wanted another one to try. So I wanted to meet some cute straight stud and give him a blowjob! I never did know that gay guys also make out with each other. I never did make it with another gay guy back then. Damn, I was so dumb about gay life.

In l945, I was in the army and stationed in Camp Wolters, Texas. I was held back from going overseas, because the army found out that I was underage. The army was the best life I had ever lived. I remained in the army for 20 years and retired in l965.

I was only a Private and the pay was something like $18 a month. Then the army took some of my pay away for things like the Red Cross, and donations to other charities. We were forced to give - we had no choice. The officer in charge told us that if we did not have enough money to give to charities, then we did not have enough money to go on pass to visit the towns. This was blackmail and it was all over the army, everyone was forced to give to these charities. It was like a feather in the officer's hat if he got everyone to give to those organizations. Then I had to buy shoe polish, and things that I had to have. Life was hard for a Private!

At last, I had saved up enough money to spend one-week end in Fort Worth, Texas. When I got to the "big city" I found a cheap place to spend the night, had a hamburger for dinner, and walked the streets. Without money there was little I could do.

The streets were filled with the sexiest cowboys you have ever seen. Of course, they were not real cowboys, but they all dressed like cowboys. (I think most

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Posted: 2012/6/26 8:12  Updated: 2012/6/26 8:12
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wish it was me
Posted: 2010/11/4 0:09  Updated: 2010/11/4 0:09
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i cant believe how many stories you have wrote!
Posted: 2008/5/26 19:28  Updated: 2008/5/26 19:28
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 My Second Time - A Real Cowboy
Well you're off to a great start. Hopefuilly by now you have found your sec ond cowboy! Great read, thanks for sharing! Josh
Posted: 2008/1/6 23:15  Updated: 2008/1/6 23:15
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wow that was really hot
Posted: 2007/12/6 15:39  Updated: 2007/12/6 15:39
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 Re: OHH JImmy, ,
Hi, I would love to give you a hand ---- since i live very close to you --- -
Posted: 2007/4/23 12:53  Updated: 2007/4/23 12:53
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 OHH JImmy, ,
Another great one, , ,I'm ready to Cum now, , can you give Me a Hand too?