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True Stories: A Cold Winter With A Hot Stud (2/3) 
 142 votes
Author: Sergeant_Jim  Published: 12/7/2006  story views: 59551

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lie and like so many lies, once you tell one you must continue to tell the lie and it goes on and on. I told Hans that I was from Texas and was raised on a ranch, had a horse and a dog and so on and so on. It was a bunch of bullshit!

Hans was obsessed with the lie that I told him. He had once been in the USA, before World War II, and loved cowboy movies, cowboys and the cowboy life. I felt that I would never see Hans again so I just went into it deeper and deeper. It was getting late and the storm was still raging outside. Hans asked me if I would like to spend the night at his apartment. Hans was in his early 40s, nice body and a very good-looking stud. At that time I was l9 - 20 and wanting an adventure, so I agreed to spend the night at his apartment. Then I found out that there was only one bed and that was fine with me. I did not think Hans was gay but I did hope he was at least willing!

Hans gave me a nightgown to wear to bed, which struck me as funny because I’d never heard of a guy wearing a nightgown to bed before. I woke up during the night with the gown around my neck, choking me!

When Hans and I got into his bed, we started chatting about sex and of course one thing led to another and soon we both were playing with the other’s cock. Hans was bisexual and I told him I was also. Hans and I spent the night having a hot and wonderful time together in his bed.

Hans loved to suck a guy’s cock and of course I like that also - so we satisfied each other. Hans had a big fat cock and was uncircumcised. I loved sucking on it and I showed Hans a trick I learned in Japan. I would take a drink of wine, then put his cock in my mouth and swish the wine around the head of his cock, then I would swallow the wine - his cock added to the taste of the wine and I loved that taste. Hans and I sucked each other for most of the night. He said he hadn't been with many guys, since it was so "verboten" during Hitler's time so he wanted to catch up on sex with another guy.

He told me about a gay friend of his that the "Nazi polizei" had called in for questioning. As we all know Hitler had all gay men put into the prison camps along with the Jewish and gypsy people. His friend was asked, by the police, if he was homosexual, his very feminine friend said he stomped his foot on the floor and acted like he was very insulted by this type of questioning. It worked! He was let go.

Hans was spending a few days in Frankfurt so he asked me to join him again the next evening.

The next evening, after work, he picked me up in his car. He suggested that we go to his apartment for dinner that evening and again he cooked a wonderful dinner for us. We spent the evening talking, listening to classical music and having more hot sex and wine and of course I spent that night in his bed. At the barracks we didn't have "bed check" so I didn't have to sleep in the barracks.

The next evening, Hans drove to my barracks, picked me up and

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Poster Thread
Posted: 2010/11/4 14:16  Updated: 2010/11/4 14:16
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Posted: 2009/1/10 14:19  Updated: 2009/1/10 14:19
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I think the story was hot. The absence of detail allowed my imagination to fill in the spaces , which made the story even hotter
Posted: 2008/11/28 23:11  Updated: 2008/11/28 23:11
Joined: 2008/4/26
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a good story but was lacking a little detail
Posted: 2007/10/6 19:52  Updated: 2007/10/6 19:52
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From: Scarborough
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German men are always hot :) I liked the story too :D xx
Posted: 2007/9/16 12:41  Updated: 2007/9/16 12:41
Joined: 2007/6/15
From: UK
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nice but a little repetative with the pick up, wine, dinner sex regime. Oth er than that it was great :]
Captain Jack
Posted: 2006/12/10 5:56  Updated: 2006/12/10 5:56
Ready to Blow
Joined: 2006/11/22
From: California
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Shakin' up with a hot german stud, mmmmm