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True Stories: Two Men Spit-Roast a Bottom (1/3) 
 9 votes
Author: JohnTheUser  Published: 9/20/2007  story views: 7271

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I had helped Mike and his fish move one fine weekend of '75. Mostly it was loading the last of his stuff into a rented U-haul and his new Power Wagon. He had some friends from work and his church help although some from the church never showed up.

I was surprised he had hugged my lover and me after we'd finished. But then again he'd hugged his big friend Ken as well. I'd loved sharing Mike's nice looking ass with Ken as well as passionately French kissed him while we came in Mike's mouth and ass. Mike was masculine himself although he lacked well-bitten nails like Ken's and mine. We were a wide range of ages and looks. Mike was oldest at 43, about 5' 10" and 220 lbs. Ken was 39, my height of just over 6' and about Mike's weight. I was junior at only 21 and underweight for my height at a mere 200. Ken and I wore glasses, mine the new wire frame style while Ken wore the "old-style" traditional plastic frames men wore in the '60's.

It was a week later I saw Ken at the store on an errand on my bike. He recognized me with a wave.

I got closer and said, "Hi Ken. How's it going?"

"Fair to good. Good to see you." he replied and we shot the shit as we collected our groceries.

After a while the subject of Mike came up and he asked me if I thought Mike was "cute." I answered non commitally. He then mentioned how he'd like to pop a load off up his ass as he reached for his crotch. I was shocked. He said that he was bisexual and loved to fuck men.

"Damn, yer wife know you fuck dudes?" I asked.

He said, "Not yet, hope to keep it that way."

I said "I could go for a piece of a dude's ass once in a while myself" and asked him if he let one suck his cock.

He said "Shit yes".

We then made a date to masturbate.

A few days later I stopped off at Ken's after work. We both worked morning shifts and had the place to ourselves. We had a good masturbation session, jacking ourselves the first time, then jacking each other off with the cums we'd saved from our first wanks. Needless to say his manly nail bitten hand was great around my dick and he liked mine on his. We washed our hands and launched into a passionate deep-French kiss.

After we finished I said "I bet your wife thinks you're the best lover in town."

"Nah, we aren’t that intimate. To tell you the truth, I'm more into using guys." he replied, fondling my dick, adding, "Well, would you like to tag-team Mike with me?"

I told him I'd like to but had to do it on the sly and that even this here session was a bonus.

We worked things out over the next couple of weeks and Ken said Mike would love both of us to fuck him, preferably in both ends.

A week after the plans were hashed out we got together. I had taken the bus to work that day and took one right to Ken's after getting off. Mike arrived at about the same time. We went in to Ken's welcoming arms and all kissed each other,
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