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True Stories: A Latino Stud (1/3) 
 31 votes
Author: Sergeant_Jim  Published: 7/13/2007  story views: 14400

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In the l960's I was an army sergeant stationed in Austria. Once a year my unit was sent to a firing range in Germany to fire our anti-aircraft weapons. I always looked forward to this because, not only was it fun to fire the big guns, but at night I was free to check out the horny studs there.

One night I was on the army bus riding back from the snack bar and was sitting next to this cute Latino soldier. He was about 20 - cute - and had a nice body. We chatted and it did not take long for me to lead the conversation into sex. He was able to catch onto what I was after and he seemed interested. When we arrived at the camp, where we both were staying, we got off of the bus and I walked toward a wooded area and then walked down a path.

Much to my joy, I noticed he was following me. When I got to a well-protected area, I waited and he soon walked up to me. He smiled and said he needed to take a piss to let some of the beer out. I said for us to go behind some bushes so nobody could see us.

We found a spot and he said he was so drunk (he was not drunk) that he could not get his dick out of his pants. Of course I asked him if he wanted some help. He assured me that he needed help, so I started unbuttoning his fly (back in the 60's the army used buttons instead of a zipper) and soon had his fly open. He again acted drunk and said he could not take his dick out of his pants. So being a good soldier, I wanted to help this fellow soldier, so I reached into his fly and pulled his beautiful cock out of his pants.

Well, I found out that he really did need to take a piss. He started pissing as I was holding his sweet cock. He pissed and he pissed. Then when he was finished he asked me to shake the "dew drops off.” So as I was shaking the dew drops off of his cock, it got harder and harder. Soon I am shaking this beautiful hard cock and I turned the shaking into masturbation. As I masturbated him, he put his hand on my shoulder and told me he was so horny. Then I felt a little pressure on my shoulder and he was trying to push me down toward his hard cock.

It did not take much pushing until I had his hard juicy cock in my mouth. I took my time and licked his cock. I love to suck cock so I tried to give him a good blowjob. He quietly told me how good it felt. This made me want to do the best job on him: I wanted him to always remember it.

He was horny and it did not take long for his cock to start shooting his cum into my hot mouth. I loved the taste of his cum and swallowed all of it, then went back and sucked his tube dry of cum. He said thanks and we parted, each one going a different way.

About a week later I was on the same bus when some soldiers got on. They had been drinking and were loud. Then I noticed the Latino soldier was with them and he
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