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Straight Guy: The First Time (1/3) 
 141 votes
Author: chadfm  Published: 3/19/2007  story views: 49976

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After a 5 hour drive two horny straight guys can't help but give in to some mutual relief.

If the story does not play, click here to download the file.

“Dude I’m freaking tired,” I said to my buddy Zach.

“Do you want me to drive?” He offered.

‘I’m good.”

Zach and I were half way through a 5-hour drive to my parents’ house. We were going to stay the week and make some cash doing odds and ends.

“How much farther?” Zach asked.

“You should know ... you’ve been to my parents’ house like 50 times.”

“Yeah but I can’t remember.”

“Prolly another 2 hours or so…so we should be there at about midnight.”

I was beginning to get a hard on from sitting so long. My erection combined with being so tired made me horny. I started a conversation about old sex experiences and masturbation techniques. The rest of the trip went by fast.

“Dude I’ve had a boner for 2 hours now and I don’t think it’s ever gunna go away!” I said as we pulled into my parents’ driveway.

“I hope you don’t mind if I rub one out in the room with you.” Zach said.

“I don’t give a shit. I prolly will too.”

My parents had already gone to bed so we went right upstairs into the spare bedroom. We each picked a bed and got undressed and turned out the light.

“Dude what’s the freakiest thing you ever did?” I asked while squeezing and messaging my hard cock.

“When I was 8, the next door neighbor girl and I hid under this trailer and she pissed in my mouth. Its weird…I can still remember it perfectly. What about you?”

I could see Zach’s covers moving slightly at his midsection.

“When I was 12 this buddy of mine went through puberty before me and one night we snuck out into the basement of this house and he whacked off in front of me to show me what it looked like to cum. I still remember how MUCH he came. I remember it was really frothy and there was a lot.”

I found myself getting really curious about how Zach’s whacking was coming along.

“Fuck dude I am really horny! Seriously I haven’t been this horny for a long time. Are you fucking horny?” I asked.

“Yeah! All this freaky talk is getting to me.”

“Dude, have you ever whacked off another dude?”


“Me neither.”

My cock ached from being hard for 3 hours straight now. I wanted to do something more than just whack off.

“Dude I’m so horny I could whack you off right now and wouldn’t even care.” I said.

“I don’t think I’m that horny.” Zach said

“You mean that horny to whack me off or to get whacked off by me?”


“If you really think about it, what’s the difference if it’s a chick doing it or not?” I asked.

“I don’t know.”

“Dude I’m raging horny! How about I go over there and we just whack each other off at the same time. You know that would feel better than doing it ourselves.”

I could tell he was thinking about that.

“Ok.” Zach said.

My guts twisted into a knot with anticipation when I heard him say that. I didn’t move for a minute. My heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest! I slid out of my bed and walked over
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Poster Thread
Posted: 2012/9/4 5:44  Updated: 2012/9/4 5:44
Joined: 2012/8/30
From: Dallas, TX
Posts: 9
 The First Time
DUDE!! You need to do porn audio for the studios. I just sat and listened to the audio version first. I then went back & read it. Your writing is superb, painting the entire action for the mind's eye. Great job! Please do not g ive up writing or reading. Just amazing sexy, both soft & sweet, but firm & confident.
Posted: 2009/2/19 16:25  Updated: 2009/2/19 16:25
Joined: 2009/2/19
Posts: 13
 Great Job
Thanks man.
Posted: 2008/12/11 1:21  Updated: 2008/12/11 1:21
Joined: 2008/12/3
From: San Francisco
Posts: 34
 You're The Best
it's not a mystery! You are truly the best spoken word author on this websi te! No one does the sound effects, and storytelling like you do! - I reccomend you as the best Audio Author here at sticky pen!
Posted: 2008/8/31 1:07  Updated: 2008/8/31 1:07
Joined: 2007/7/7
Posts: 144
 The First Time
Your voice ... omg awsome for sure! I agree with Bardohio and I want your n umber! Josh
Posted: 2008/5/31 16:20  Updated: 2008/5/31 16:20
Joined: 2007/5/12
From: Montreal, Canada
Posts: 33
Freakin hot story. Fuckin sexy voice. Do some more PLEASE !!!
Posted: 2007/8/23 14:01  Updated: 2007/8/23 14:01
Joined: 2007/4/2
Posts: 3
 Fuck yah!
I want some more of that! that story got me hotter than fuck!
Posted: 2007/6/23 3:30  Updated: 2007/6/23 3:30
Joined: 2006/10/26
From: Melb, Australia
Posts: 3
wow, hot story and hot audio.... made me hard in an instant.... hope there r more similar stories and horny audio in the near future.... the story was hot the guy reading it was hotter ....more plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzz.
Jax Riley
Posted: 2007/4/30 6:55  Updated: 2007/4/30 6:55
Joined: 2007/4/16
From: Boston, MA
Posts: 94
 Too Hot
I'm loving your stories dude...and hearing you read them is even more amazi ng.
Posted: 2007/3/20 1:31  Updated: 2007/3/20 1:31
Stuck on Sticky
Joined: 2006/12/10
From: NE Ohio
Posts: 821
 Reading it is one thing...
...but listening to it on the audio is SOMETHIN' ELSE!! You sound so sexy - seriously, Dude, do you work for one of those call-in places that get you off over the phone? If ya don't then maybe ya should...
Posted: 2007/3/19 20:55  Updated: 2007/3/19 20:55
Up and Comer
Joined: 2006/8/13
Posts: 177
 You Voice!
Baby your voice is so hot and listening to you make those sounds of moaning and groaning made me loose it in a good way ;-)
Posted: 2007/3/19 17:01  Updated: 2007/3/19 17:01
Joined: 2007/1/22
Posts: 63
 This kind of thing always gets me...
I'm not sure what it is about straight dudes learning the finer arts of coc k handling and sucking with each other, but this kind of story always has m e fisting a hard one. Nice job, dude. Really enjoyed it.