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Straight Guy: The Convenience Store (1/2) 
 36 votes
Author: kkm1  Published: 1/20/2009  story views: 6545

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The Convenience Store

There he was behind the counter. I watched his tall lean body from my car before entering. His khakis fit over a tight ass but loose in front giving only a hint of a package. They rode low on his hips exposing the band of his boxers and the dark trail snaking up his flat stomach every time he lifted his arms. His tight polo fit his toned torso like a second skin. The open collar hinted at a scattering of hair over his chest. A shock of black hair accented his caramel eyes. Two days of stubble gave his boyish yet sexy face a somewhat rugged edge.

Trey was alone at closing. I got to the door just as he was ready to lock it. That devilish smile spread over his face and he let me in. We made the same small talk we always did while he got my smokes. I stalled and moved the conversation along to his girlfriend. We brushed our hands over the front of our pants a couple of times before more obvious gropes at our packages. Since he started here we’d done this and pretended to not notice. He had problems with his girlfriend and their sex life. I’d done my best over the past few months to get him thinking about how an older guy like me might be able to help him out with his sexual frustration. Tonight was the night I was going to show him.

I drew him back to an aisle that couldn’t be seen from the front of the store claiming I couldn’t locate the brand of chips I wanted. Trey spotted them on the top self and reached for them. As he did I stepped close and slid my hand up his shirt and over his stomach. He relaxed against me. Sensing no tension from him I continued. I pulled him closer to me. My hand moved up to his chest finding a soft pelt.

I whispered into his ear, “I’ll treat you right.”

Using both of my hands I lifted his shirt over his head and dropped it aside. I felt down his arms, into his dense pit hair and back over his torso. One hand worked his belt then his khakis while the other drifted down to find him already growing hard. I felt his length through the cotton fabric. His fly now open I slid my fingers under the waist of his boxers and wrapped them around a thick piece of manhood that was getting harder by the second. I stroked him until he reached his full seven fat inches.

I moved in to taste his armpit while my other hand cupped his heavy set of plum sized balls. I rolled his sack over my palm and ate his pit until the dense hair was slick. I moved over his chest letting my tongue wonder through the soft hair scattered over it. Trey gasped when my lips found a nipple to suck on. I took a firm hold of his sack while my mouth traveled down his body.

I dropped to my knees bringing his pants and boxers with me. His cock was perfect. A thick vein roped around a thick shaft topped by a large flared mushroom head. Hanging below was a smooth and meaty sack containing two heavy nuts. Trey stared as my tongue circled the underside of the deep ridges of his glans and down to his balls. I pushed his legs open a little more so I could get
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Posted: 2009/1/21 16:23  Updated: 2009/1/21 16:23
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 convenience store