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Straight Guy: The Bet (1/4) 
 36 votes
Author: strippoker8  Published: 4/20/2010  story views: 12262

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At our church youth group we used to have these all night "lock-ins" where we would stay up all night and have fun activities, play games, etc. Sometimes we did thing to raise money, like going with out food the whole time to raise money for a soup kitchen. Other times we played role-playing games, where we had a character or team and had to hunt around the church for clues to solve a mystery.

This particular evening the role playing game had a culinary theme. We were all students at a cooking school and had to search for pieces of a recipe and fine the ingredients scattered around the building. In addition to that we had other actives like a talent show. I was teamed up with Steve, he was 21 and I was 18 at the time. He drove a motorcycle and seemed like a bit of a bad boy. He had dark hair and a trimmed mustache. He was not a regular at youth group but came for events like this one. I didn't really know him that well but I knew he had a girlfriend because he had brought her to some other events.

At one point in the evening we had to come up with something to do for a talent show. So we were out in the hall coming up with ideas. I was good a doing pantomime so I started to show him some. At one point just for laughs I pantomimed like I was pulling a very long dick out of my pants. It was like it just wouldn’t end. He cracked up laughing.

We decided to do a ventriloquist act where I would sit on his lap and play the dummy. We did some the great bits, like I would drink water and which would cause him to gurgle his speech. The group got a big kick out of it. After the show we were off to search for more clues.

As the night wore one we started making our mystery recipe, which turned out to be cinnamon rolls. In the wee hours of the morning we finished and left our rolls to rise. Most people grabbed their sleeping bags and went to get some sleep. Steve and I stayed up wondering the dark halls of the church. We headed down a corridor in a far wing of the church where the Sunday school rooms were.

"I always thought you were a goody-goody prefect church boy until you did that mime earlier." he said.

"Yeah people always make that mistake, maybe I just have an innocent face" there was a pause as if Steve was debating whether he should say something. Then he came right out with it. "So you think you think you've got a big dick?"

I was shocked and excited, "Well not as big as in the mime of course but I guess so." I responded, I had only seen a few other dicks in my life and I was bigger then all but one.

"Huh... I bet you mine is bigger" he retorted.

"Yeah right..."

"I bet you 5 bucks"

"Ok, your on!", I responded, this night has just taken an odd turn.

Growing up I had fooled around some with friends and we had compared dicks and jacked off together. But that was kid stuff that my friends had grown out of once they found girls.

"How are we going to settle this bet?" I asked.

"Let's go in the bathroom and compare"

"We should find a ruler" I suggested. So we hunted through the cabinets of school

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