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Straight Guy: Step Brothers (4/7) 
 134 votes
Author: Ric  Published: 11/28/2006  story views: 48523

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at construction sites. I did a lot of heavy lifting. He said, “You must do a lot of lifting with your prick, it looks like it’s had a lot of workout too.”

I must have turned red with embarrassment because he started laughing and kidding said, looks like you got the old family genes in the crotch department, knowing full well that we didn’t have the same genes. But, I just laughed and said, “You certainly have some of the family genes, that’s for sure.” Boy, did I let the cat out of the bag because he looked at me and said, “Just how do you know about that?”

I told him about last night’s event. He looked and said, “I thought I must have shot my load because I didn’t feel any pressure this morning when I awoke. I hope it didn’t bother you, because of what I did.” I told him that it didn’t bother me in the least. In fact, I was kind of curious of what had happened. “Curious? Curious about what?” I stumbled with some of my words and then blurted out, about how your cum would taste. He put his magazine down and looked at me, “Well? Did you taste it?” I nodded yes and he said, “ What was it like?” I said, “ Kind of pungent but, not bad.”

“You actually tasted my cum? I can’t believe that.” I said, “Yeah, because I was curious to see what it tasted like. I know when Margo took my cum in her mouth, she didn’t complain so, it must have not tasted too bad.” Scott said he never gave it a thought and that Pam often took his cum but, because of his sized cock, she could only take the head in her mouth. She never went way down the shaft.
Scott looked at me and said he was curious also and had never tasted his own cum. He always wanted to know what it tasted like but, never had the nerve to try it. He then said he’d like to see what it might taste like but, he really needed to work up the courage. I told him that he needed to get himself worked up and not to cum right away. His need to reach a climax should be held off as many times as possible. This would make him more receptive to reach down and taste the ooze as it came out.

Scott looked at me and said, “Shall we try it together?” I was so curious that I instantly said, “Sure.” With that, Scott pulled the covers off and I could see his cock already standing at attention. He put his hand around the shaft of his cock and started the up and down motion of jacking. I just laid there and watched. Soon, Scott said, “Hey Bro, you need to join me with this.” I agreed and pulled the covers down showing my full erection. “Wow,” he said, “you’ve got a biggie there.” My cock was 8 inches long and somewhat fat. My response was, “Yeah, but you win the prize for size.” We laid there jacking ourselves and I’d look over at his meat and wonder how it would be to put that in my mouth. I reached over and touched his cock. His reaction was to pull his hand away and let me fondle him.

I slowly started the up and down jacking movement and looked up at his eyes. He had them closed and his
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Total Votes: 134
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Poster Thread
Posted: 2012/2/24 18:41  Updated: 2012/2/24 18:41
Joined: 2012/2/24
Posts: 1
 Brings Back Memories
Brings backs loads of memories with my brother. I was alot younger than the characters but thintimacy is something no one ever forgets
Posted: 2008/9/16 16:11  Updated: 2008/9/16 16:11
Joined: 2008/6/1
Posts: 15
 I want a brother
Hot man. Makes me wish I had a brother.
Posted: 2008/6/28 3:40  Updated: 2008/6/28 3:40
Joined: 2008/4/26
Posts: 104
i liked the story... and for smoothdude we already know that ^_^
Posted: 2008/3/17 0:52  Updated: 2008/3/17 0:52
Joined: 2007/11/5
Posts: 13
 Step Brothers????
I liked the story very much, but was bothered by some terms. An adopted br other is a brother, maybe not by blood, but legally. A step brother is the son of a step mother or step father. For instance, had your mother remarri ed and the man she married had a son, then he would be your step brother.
Posted: 2008/2/2 12:17  Updated: 2008/2/2 12:17
Up and Comer
Joined: 2007/12/30
From: San Diego
Posts: 169
 Over the top
Had me up from start to finish. Really good stuff.