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Straight Guy: Step Brothers (1/7) 
 134 votes
Author: Ric  Published: 11/28/2006  story views: 48567

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It was twenty minutes until Scott got there. I could hardly wait. Scott and I have been close as brothers all of our lives and even though I was adopted when I was an infant, and the blood brother relationship wasn’t really there.

As I watched Scott grow into manhood, I was always fascinated with his debonair attitude and how this handsome six-foot-two hunk would wow all the girls from his first date right up into college. He always had a steady girlfriend and until his 21st birthday, when he met Pam, he changed girlfriends as often as I change my socks.

Scott and Pam were married and although he wanted children right away, Pam was a career girl and wanted to wait for a couple of years. Finally, she decided it was time for them to start a little family and with little effort, became pregnant. Scott was busting at the seams with happiness. Then the tragedy occurred. Pam was on her way home from shopping for some maternity clothes, when she had a car accident. A car was going the wrong way on an exit ramp and they had a head on collision. Pam was killed instantly.

Scott took some time off work to pull himself together and decided he’d get a transfer from his job in New York and move back to California. I was elated to the fact that I would get to see my brother after 5 years. He was coming to San Francisco and wanted me to help him find a place to live in the Bay Area.
I had been married, but Margo and I decided after a year, our marriage wasn’t working out and we were better suited as friends, rather than being married. A year later, Margo re-married and became pregnant. Even her husband Ted welcomed me as a friend. But Ted was transferred with his job to Nevada and the communications between us soon slacked off.

The doorbell rang and when I opened the door, there stood a tired soul. Scott looked like he had been dragged through a heap of manure. Unshaven, bags under his eyes and dirt on his clothes. None the less, I opened my arms and gave him a big hug. He was exhausted from the drive and said he had a flat tire and had to change it in the rain and mud. I immediately showed him the way to the bedroom and bathroom and told him to take a hot shower. I was preparing dinner.

I made Scott a stiff drink while he was showering and took it into the bathroom and set it on the sink counter. I could see the form of that gentle giant through the glass shower door. He seemed to be lavishing the warmth of the water and was just standing there with it running down his back.

I went back to finish cooking and a few minutes later, Scott appeared wearing a tee-shirt and a pair of boxer shorts. What a handsome specimen of manhood he was. The drink, along with the shower, did help him to relax and he seemed a bit more lively than that tired bedraggled soul that first walked in my door.

I put dinner on the table and we sat there talking over old times. We finally went into the living room and sat on the sofa. After a bit, the subject moved around to Pam. I could see the tears starting to flood his eyes as he

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Poster Thread
Posted: 2012/2/24 18:41  Updated: 2012/2/24 18:41
Joined: 2012/2/24
Posts: 1
 Brings Back Memories
Brings backs loads of memories with my brother. I was alot younger than the characters but thintimacy is something no one ever forgets
Posted: 2008/9/16 16:11  Updated: 2008/9/16 16:11
Joined: 2008/6/1
Posts: 15
 I want a brother
Hot man. Makes me wish I had a brother.
Posted: 2008/6/28 3:40  Updated: 2008/6/28 3:40
Joined: 2008/4/26
Posts: 104
i liked the story... and for smoothdude we already know that ^_^
Posted: 2008/3/17 0:52  Updated: 2008/3/17 0:52
Joined: 2007/11/5
Posts: 13
 Step Brothers????
I liked the story very much, but was bothered by some terms. An adopted br other is a brother, maybe not by blood, but legally. A step brother is the son of a step mother or step father. For instance, had your mother remarri ed and the man she married had a son, then he would be your step brother.
Posted: 2008/2/2 12:17  Updated: 2008/2/2 12:17
Up and Comer
Joined: 2007/12/30
From: San Diego
Posts: 169
 Over the top
Had me up from start to finish. Really good stuff.