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Straight Guy: Sensual seduction (1/2) 
 17 votes
Author: muffy35  Published: 12/26/2006  story views: 7463

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There is nothing so powerful and satisfying as seducing an unsuspecting straight man. All men have latent gay desires but only a skilled man can bring them out...a man like Roger.
Tall...well built...tanned and good looking. That was Roger. No one suspected he was gay. He frequented the gyms and parks that other more obvious gays were found...only he wasn't looking for the obvious...he wanted the straight guy...the construction worker...the businessman...and occasionally the barely legal high schooler.

But lets let Roger tell it in his own words:

"I am always looking...always seeking the perfect man with the perfect package...the firm, rounded ass cheeks...the large hanging ball sack...and a smooth, circumcised cock with a nice mushroom-shaped head...oh...and least seven inches long when rock-hard.

My first conquest was my science teacher. He was married with three kids. I had flunked a test and he had me stay after class. He saw me fondling my crotch under the desk and before I knew it he was staring at me. I kept it up and he came over to my desk and told me to stop. I saw the bulge in his pants and just reached out and touched his stiff dick. He didn't move. I unzipped his fly and took out his cock. He just stood there while I sucked him off. He shot a big load down my throat and then zipped up and walked away. He was embarrassed and quickly left the room.

That began my lifelong search for straight men. I've seduced all types in many different places but the finest and most erotic seduction was late last summer. His name was Paul. He was in his late thirties...not really handsome but attractive. Brown hair and eyes...the supervisor in a small construction company. I met him at his construction site. I was doing some photo work for a trade paper and taking shots around the site. He came to me to find out what I was doing. We chatted and I suddenly had the feeling that I could seduce him. He liked photography and before long he invited me to his trailer to see some of his favorite photos. After ten minutes or so he showed me some photos of men at a beach. I was surprised as many of them were in Speedos and left little to the imagination. He asked me if I liked them and when I said yes I noticed that there was a bulge in his pants. It was a big bulge too. I decided on the direct approach and reached over and ran my hand up and down the length of his already stiff cock.

He didn't move so I put my arm around his neck and leaned forward to kiss him. He moved back and shook his head. Then he said, "I don't like kissing." I told him I was sorry and he said, "It's okay."

I was about to forget about doing anything with him when he got another bunch of photos and showed them to me. They were of naked men touching each other. "This is what I like." he said. I was stunned. I reached down and began fondling his crotch again.

He was still hard. I
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