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Straight Guy: My Straight Brother-in-Law (2/4) 
 81 votes
Author: Ric  Published: 1/20/2009  story views: 25236

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to myself that this hunky guy is going to be my brother in-law. Lucky Betty.

The drive home was filled with chat about the wedding, guests and the events that were going to happen. I couldn’t help but notice his muscular arms sticking out his tight T-shirt. His nipples were pushing against the soft fabric and one would want to just touch and tantalize them. I told him that he had really changed since I last saw him. He said he got rid of the glasses and was wearing contact lenses now. I asked if he worked out and he said he only got to go to the gym a couple of times a week. Betty took most of his free time. Yeah, Betty could be demanding.

We arrived at the house to the commotion of everything being prepared for the wedding. Stuff sitting all over the house. Wedding attire for the bridesmaids, tuxes for the male attendants and gifts that had arrived. The house was a shambles and in the midst of it all, our Mom was full of excitement.

Since my two sisters were occupying the bedrooms and their girlfriends were scattered all over the house with their stuff, it was decided that Bob and I would sleep out in my folk’s motor home that was parked along side the house.

The evening went on with all the usual excitement and along about 10:00, with all the wine and beer we had consumed, it was taking its toll on us so, we decided to call it a night. Bob and I headed off to the motor home and upon entering, noticed that there were a bunch of gifts on the sofa, table and counters. Too much stuff to move so we decided to share the double bed in the bedroom.

It was no time before we both got out of our clothing, leaving our T-shirts and boxer shorts on. It was a very warm evening and we both decided to just lie on top of the bed, rather than get under the covers. As Bob lay on the bed, the dim nightlight was just enough to see his silhouette. I had turned on my side facing him. I started wondering what kind of manliness he had to offer my lucky sister. As he lay there, I could see his massive chest rise and fall as he breathed in and out.

Looking down his well defined torso, I could see his impressive bulge in his boxers. The tempting fly opening was just slightly apart and if the light was a little brighter, I’m sure you could see his pubes that surrounded his cock and balls. I felt myself starting to get aroused, just looking at him and fantasizing the treasure beneath those boxer shorts.

It wasn’t very long until I heard Bob breathing changing to a steady tempo. I knew that he was fast asleep. Do I dare touch that opening of his shorts and maybe see what is in store for my sister or do I just lay there and agonize myself just wondering? I decided that I’d better play it cool and just go to sleep.

After about fifteen minutes, I was just drifting off when I felt movement in the bed. I opened my eyes to see Bob sitting up. He took off his sweaty T-shirt and tossed it on the floor. I lay there motionless and just squinting my eyes so that if he looked over, he would think I was asleep. Then it happened. He slid
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Poster Thread
Posted: 2012/4/18 1:27  Updated: 2012/4/18 1:27
Joined: 2012/4/9
From: AZ
Posts: 14
makes me wish I had a brother-in-law
Posted: 2009/8/1 5:40  Updated: 2009/8/1 5:40
Joined: 2009/7/19
Posts: 7
 Nice Story
I did the same thing to my friend once but he awoke while I was doing it an d he totally freaked we havent really talked much since then.
Posted: 2009/1/28 3:07  Updated: 2009/1/28 3:07
Joined: 2007/12/2
Posts: 63
Grweat writing. Hope there are more experiences. Love M
Posted: 2009/1/25 5:39  Updated: 2009/1/25 5:39
Joined: 2008/4/26
Posts: 104
brother in laws are really hot guys, just wish bob and the main character g ot together next time
Posted: 2009/1/20 22:31  Updated: 2009/1/20 22:31
Joined: 2008/10/25
From: Daytona Beach
Posts: 4
Wish I could ahve the nerve to do that
Posted: 2009/1/20 19:40  Updated: 2009/1/20 19:40
Joined: 2008/8/15
From: St. Louis Missouri
Posts: 49
 Straight Brother-in-Law
Very sexy and hot, I loved it, got me going and brought back some memories. Thanks. give us some more.