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Straight Guy: My First Gay Experience (1/4) 
 49 votes
Author: Trionics  Published: 6/13/2006  story views: 17316

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My First Gay Experience.

Many people have their first gay experience completely mapped out. What I mean by that is that they know exactly what they are expecting to happen and how it will happen. I was different. My first gay experience happened completely unexpectedly. Up until the time I was 23 my love life had been spent with women, from the first disorganised fumblings, to the first sexual experience. My life seemed completely normal, whatever normal could be described as. At the moment my life changed I was single and not really looking for anything relationship wise. A bit of fun was always appreciated, but I wasn’t intentionally looking for it, and the fun I eventually found was totally unexpected.

I had always had a lot of gay and lesbian friends and we’d always been able to get along with out ever having boundaries blurred at all. One cool autumn weekend we all went out for a drink. Down at the pub everything was as always, laughing and joking at all things that came up in conversation. As the night went on the beer flowed and lots of suggestive behaviour was being made between my friends. Since this was nothing new I laughed along with them and played along with my gay friends as they teased me, trying to convince me to experience them. This had always been a long standing joke between us all and everyone knew where they stood so it was always harmless. Closing time was fast arriving and the discussion moved to what to do next. The mention of a local gay club seemed to be favoured and this was normally where I would draw the line and leave them all to it, but that night was different. The week had been difficult at work and my resistance was low so it didn’t take much for them to drag me to the club and eventually through the doors.

To be honest I had never been to a gay club and didn’t know what to expect. The club was mainly aimed towards gay men but there were a few women, mostly lesbians, dotted around the club. From the moment I checked in my coat nervousness washed over me. I looked around and saw just how close a lot of the men were. Lots of couples cuddled up with each other, heads resting on shoulders, hands slipped in to back pockets. This was a sight I was not used to one little bit. My first move was to head straight to the bar to order a couple of drinks so I could stand at the side and not getting involved with anything that was going on around me. My friends were laughing and joking nearby but ultimately left me to myself, which I was more than pleased with.

As the night wore on I started to lose track of my friends and began to feel very uncomfortable. That was the moment when he walked up to me. He was similar in height but somewhat slimmer. The figure wore a tight fitting light blue top and dark coloured trousers. I looked at him as he moved closer and closer towards me. I looked around me to make sure there wasn’t anyone else near me but there wasn’t. He moved right up closer to me leaned into me his arm brushing my shoulder as he reached for the wall behind me.

“You look lonely!”

I could smell the faint hint of his aftershave as he leaned

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Poster Thread
please take me
Posted: 2012/11/19 0:48  Updated: 2012/11/19 0:48
Joined: 2012/11/19
Posts: 1
 do wishes come true?
i loved this story, made me rock hard.. ive always wondered what it would b e like to be seduced or taken by another man.. i definately wish i was the man in this story..
Posted: 2007/7/17 9:31  Updated: 2007/7/17 9:31
Joined: 2007/1/31
Posts: 6
i really liked that you kept it in first person (i.e. "I felt," "I thought, " etc.) giving us a straight man's view of things.
Posted: 2007/2/25 19:09  Updated: 2007/2/25 19:09
Joined: 2007/2/21
From: Florida
Posts: 4
when is the next one coming?
Posted: 2006/12/24 0:54  Updated: 2006/12/24 0:54
Joined: 2006/9/12
Posts: 2
 Very good.
I think a part 2 is in order.
Posted: 2006/7/27 16:19  Updated: 2006/7/27 16:19
Joined: 2006/5/31
Posts: 133
 Wonderful Story
Loved it.
Posted: 2006/7/26 16:55  Updated: 2006/7/26 16:55
Joined: 2006/5/31
Posts: 149
 to be continued...
You better tell us how the second part went!
Posted: 2006/6/21 20:30  Updated: 2006/6/21 20:30
Joined: 2006/6/21
From: Scotland
Posts: 2
 good tale
have to go to a gay club if that happens