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Straight Guy: Male Bonding (2/5) 
 65 votes
Author: Ric  Published: 2/2/2007  story views: 14418

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by the fire shooting the bull. The subject got around to sex. Each had their input to the conversation about various ways and positions we would use with our girlfriends. Even Alan said his girlfriend gives the best head he has ever had. I found myself getting a stiff one as we talked and the only thing keeping the guys from seeing it was my sleeping bag I had over my lap.

We must have talked for three hours and I started getting really cold. Scott pulled out a flask of brandy and said, "Here guys, take a swig of this. It should warm you up a bit." Wow. It almost burned going all the way down, but soon, I felt the warmth and felt as though that one swig got me drowsy. We laid our sleeping bags around the fire and crawled in. It wasn’t much time until I drifted off to sleep.
I awakened with a brisk breeze blowing in my face. I got out of my sleeping bag and decided I needed to piss really badly. I headed over towards the little brook and didn’t notice right away that Alan was at the brook, buck naked, and washing his body. I stood there, out of sight from Alan. As I peed with his back to me, I could see the well-built body and a nice rounded butt. He was stooping and when he stood, he turned around. I gulped as I saw this guy was very well endowed. His cock had to be at least 7 inches long and quite thick.

I moved a bit as I was putting my cock away from the piss and stepped on a twig. It snapped so loudly that Alan looked up immediately and yelled out, "Hey there buddy, the water is fine and I didn’t use it all." I just stood there feasting my eyes on this hunky guy. Alan then picked up his walking shorts and put them on and walked back to the camping area where Scott was starting to stir from his sleep.
As I walked back to the camping spot, I stepped on a rock and my foot turned. I felt a twang in my upper inner thigh. Oh damn. I let out a yelp that would have awakened the entire forest. Scott and Alan both came running up to me and asked if I was ok. I was pretty much in pain and could hardly walk. Each guy got on one side of me, put my arms around their necks and slowly walked me back to our camping spot. They sat me down on a log and Alan asked where I hurt. I told him of the pain in my groin.

Scott said that he had some medical training in the Navy and he would take a look to see if anything was broken or pulled. With that, Scott told me to take off my pants. The pain was quite evident as I stood and Alan steadied me as I got on my feet. I dropped my pants and sat back down. Scott then started feeling my leg and worked his way up under my boxer shorts. He said he couldn’t really feel the inner thigh because my boxers were hampering the access. So, he told me to pull my boxers down.

I had to stand again to get them down and again, Alan steadied me. I must say, Scott’s hands were smooth and warm and as he started moving up my thigh, the back
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