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Straight Guy: Male Bonding (1/5) 
 65 votes
Author: Ric  Published: 2/2/2007  story views: 14414

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I was working in an accounting firm and it was coming up to a long holiday weekend. I was itching to go on a hike up into the Sierra Mountains but didn’t want to go it alone. Talking to one of the guys I worked with, he said he had nothing planned for that weekend as his girlfriend was visiting her folks in New York. I asked Alan if he would like to go for the hike and he said he was a bit out of shape but would love to go. Scott heard our conversation and asked if there was room for a third. We all agreed and met for dinner that night to discuss the trip. I was to bring the food stuff like Spam, beans, tuna, etc. Scott was to bring extra water, a first aid kit and some trail snacks. Alan was to bring the light cooking utensils and a portable grill.

Alan was a ruddy looking type of guy. Dark blond hair that was growing out from a buzz cut, muscular frame from working out at the gym a couple of times a week and had the looks any girl would go for. Scott, on the other hand, with his dark hair parted down the middle and black horn rimmed glasses, looked like a real nerd. Although, he too had the body of a body builder.

I, on the other hand, did my own workout at the gym and I was in pretty good shape. I was in between girlfriends and the job kept me pretty busy with a lot of overtime. Often, I would go home late, have a bite to eat and crash. I really needed to get away and enjoy some of nature’s wonders.

We decided to meet at my place at 7am on Saturday morning and take my SUV. I had picked an area that I thought we should hike. It was up one of the forks of the Feather River. We all piled into my SUV and headed out. It took about three and a half hours to get up into the area. We drove partly on a fire trail, having to get out once in awhile to push a small boulder off the path. When we finally reached a far destination and really quite remote, I parked the SUV and the three of us headed out on foot.

We hiked for about two hours and decided to take a rest in a clearing of the forest. The beauty of the trees and the birds around us was almost breath taking. It was time to have a little snack and Scott pulled out some Trail Mix and we sat there munching and talking about our girlfriends, past and present.

After we hiked another four hours, it was growing dark and we decided we should find a location to bed down. We came upon a small clearing with a little brook and it looked as though someone might have camped there before. There was even a ring of rocks that had been used as a fire pit. Alan broke out the grill while Scott and I looked for some small pieces of wood to build a little campfire and as fuel for the grill.

It was starting to cool off and we heated up a couple of cans of chili, which I brought. Scott washed the utensils in the brook while Alan and I gathered a little more wood for the fire pit. The three of us then sat

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