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Straight Guy: I Had to Convince Him! (3/3) 
 107 votes
Author: chadfm  Published: 1/5/2007  story views: 31769

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fast and he didn’t make enough sound to satisfy me. I wanted him to cum and soon! I stopped stroking and just gripped his dick so that his red, swollen head was sticking out the top of my fist. I squeezed and brought my mouth closer. I could see a little dribble of precum oozing out of his slit. I stuck my tongue out and brought it to his slit. I licked then put his head between my lips while tonguing his pee hole.

“FUCK! That’s good!” Zach said as I slurped.

I removed my hand and started to slide his dick in and out of my mouth. Zach began breathing heavier. I knew I could take his entire member in my mouth so I slid my lips down to his pubes. Zach sucked in air as the head of his dick slid past my tonsils. I loved how Zach’s cock filled my entire mouth. I was blindly horny now and began to ravage Zach’s cock so he would cum in my mouth. After a few minutes with no cum but more and more noises coming from Zach he told me to hang on a minute.

“Dude, let me get myself close to cumming.”

“Ok, but don’t cum without telling me.”

Zach began sliding his hand up and down on his spit coated, slippery cock so fast that it blurred.

After almost a minute Zach said, ”I’m getting close.”

“Just tell me plenty before.”


I knew Zach wanted to cum in my mouth. His breathing was beginning to get sharper and more sporadic now.



As Zach let go of his cock I slid it in my mouth half expecting it to start exploding as I put it in. It was unbelievably hard now and I could tell he was close to cumming but I still had to work for it some more. I deep throated him over and over, each time pausing longer when my lips were touching his pubes.

“I’m gunna cum!” Zach said breathlessly.

I grabbed the base of his cock and sucked as if I needed to suck the jism out of his balls. The first 3 flows were a very thin liquid that tasted a little salty and a little sweet. A little bit of that trickled down my throat. The last 5 or 6 shots were very thick and tasted very salty, but good. Zach made a loud grunt with every flow of his jizz into my mouth. Just as I thought my mouth couldn’t hold any more it stopped and I slid Zach’s cock out of my mouth. I needed to cum! I was throbbing hard and I wanted to use some of Zach’s juice as lube. I quickly climbed to the top bunk and spit some of Zach’s hot jizz into my hand and felt how sticky and slippery it was. I smeared it all over my cock and started stroking fast! I was slowly swallowing the rest of Zach’s sweet cum as I brought myself closer and closer to the most intense orgasm of my life. Moments later I swallowed and shot my load. My own jizz ran down my cock mixing with Zach’s juices. I fell asleep fast.

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