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Straight Guy: I Had to Convince Him! (1/3) 
 107 votes
Author: chadfm  Published: 1/5/2007  story views: 31768

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After my ninth hit on the one hitter, my vision started to narrow and my ears echoed.

“Shit man I’m getting fucked up,” I said to my best friend Zach.

“Yeah, me too…shit.”

We were parked on the side of the road near Zach’s house in the country and we were completing our nightly ritual before passing out at Zach’s house.

“I think this one is spent,” I said after burning my lips trying to smoke the resin.

“Yeah, I’m tired,” Zach said.

Zach started his car and turned back onto the road. I started to get the tingling sensation deep at the base of my limp cock that I always got when I was stoned. I knew I would be jacking off before I fell asleep tonight. I never talk that much when I’m stoned so we were silent for the ten minute ride to Zach’s. I have been staying at Zach’s parents’ house with him until I can find some roommates to move in with.

Zach shut his car off and rolled into the driveway so he didn’t piss his parents off by waking them up. We quietly went into the house and then to our room. I slept above Zach on the top bunk of a bunk bed. I always joked with Zach about how I would drip cum down on to him in his sleep. He would freak out and say something like, ”Dude, I don’t care if you wack it up there, just make sure not to get it on my blanket!”

We were so stoned we didn’t bother to take our clothes off; we just got into our beds. This must have been like the 14th day straight that we have done this; drive around all day after work, getting stoned, then going home late and crashing. I laid there listening to Zach, waiting for the sounds that would tell me he was rubbing one out. Zach always masturbated before he went to bed and it hasn’t mattered that I was right above him because he has done it every night I have been here. I enjoyed listening to the covers below me rustle and the bed shake ever so slightly. It turned me on and I always tried to imagine when Zach was cumming so that I could try to cum at the same time. Zach was a very quiet masturbator. Tonight the pot really had me kinked out. I was wishing I could go down and help Zach cum. I have not been in this kind of horny rage before! Being stoned made for a good excuse to do crazy shit.



“Dude do you get like insanely horny when you’re stoned?”
“Sort of.”

“I get just fucking mad, raging horny!... Are you wackin’ it?”


“Are you masturbating?”

“Yeah, so what?”

“Just wondering, cause I am.”

“That’s good, Now leave me alone so I can finish!”

Now that Zach knew that I knew that he was wacking, I could tell he made less effort to be super quiet. The bed shook more and I could clearly hear something rubbing on his covers. I was making some noise myself and was contributing to the shaking of the bed. I knew what I wanted to do! I wanted to suck Zach’s dick. I felt so stoned that I knew I wouldn’t even feel embarrassed directly

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