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Straight Guy: First Time (1/5) 
 129 votes
Author: Deek  Published: 2/27/2006  story views: 52109

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A salesman comes across an attractive man who has gay porn in his living room and is instantly curious.

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I used to work as a financial planner and early in my career I had to cold call for appointments. It was hell but it worked. One method I used was called a ‘meet and greet.’ I’d call a couple hundred people from the phone book and ask them if I could send them a brochure. If they said yes, I’d send them one and follow up with a phone call and see if I could come by to discuss my services and hopefully convince them to come to my office for an appointment. That’s how I met Jim. He was my first.

I was about 30 at the time I met Jim and while I’d gone through several bouts of gay sex fantasies I was married and had never acted out on them. I’d never even really had the opportunity. I’d found a couple of guys attractive over the years but was too scared to do anything and honestly was mostly attracted to women.

I arrived at Jim’s house for the ‘meet and greet’ and he met me at the door. He was about 5’11“ and had short dark hair and a short beard. He was athletic looking and attractive but I wasn’t really thinking about him ‘that’ way. We sat in his living room and made some small talk and then began talking about my services. Things were going well and he looked like a good candidate for my work eventually but he wasn’t quite ready I decided. I wasn’t in a hurry to get back to the office so we just kept talking for a while and he got us some iced tea. While he was in the kitchen I was glancing around the living room and noticed a stack of gay porn by the large screen TV. I was curious and wanted to go through the stack but didn’t want him to catch me and have both of us embarrassed. We chatted for a while more but time was pressuring me and I made my exit.

I went back to the office but couldn’t get the porn stack of my mind. In my line of work I couldn’t exactly walk into the one porn shop in town and buy gay porn without someone finding out. This was also before high-speed internet access so downloading wasn’t quick or easy. Jim had made me feel so comfortable I decided to call him and ask if I could borrow some. I figured if he let a total stranger walk into his house and see it, he would be that embarrassed if I asked. So I did. I told him I was curious and asked if he’d let me borrow one. So he did. He said he’d pick one out that had some variety in it. I stopped by and was a little embarrassed again but again he made me feel comfortable and told me to keep it as long as I wanted.

Needless to say I spent quite a few hours with that tape. Some of it I liked, some I didn’t. There was one scene I really enjoyed with this big blond guy really giving another guy a going over but it wasn’t the rude degrading kind. It was obviously pleasurable for both. That I liked. So much porn these days is about degrading one of the players. Anyway, after about a week I called Jim and told him I wanted to bring it back and found a time that he’d be home.

I stopped by about 2pm

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Poster Thread
Posted: 2008/1/9 2:41  Updated: 2008/1/9 2:41
Up and Comer
Joined: 2007/12/30
From: San Diego
Posts: 169
 Very hot
I've never been fucked and never wanted to be until recently I started thin king that I really do want to experience it. These stories help me to expe ct the pain to go away and enjoyment to settle in. Hope it happens soon!
Posted: 2007/11/14 0:46  Updated: 2007/11/14 0:46
Joined: 2007/11/14
Posts: 8
would love to be fucked like that. my pole is rock hard
Ms Synthia_cd
Posted: 2007/7/8 1:41  Updated: 2007/7/8 1:41
Joined: 2007/3/10
Posts: 4
I sure wish that was me.
Posted: 2007/5/20 5:24  Updated: 2007/5/20 5:24
Joined: 2007/4/21
Posts: 1
 Never been fucked yet either
I liked the story and hope that when I am lucky enough to finally be fucked that it happens like this
Posted: 2007/4/10 0:59  Updated: 2007/4/10 0:59
Joined: 2007/4/5
From: California
Posts: 32
 Works for me
I really liked this story. I liked how your character worked out his desire and I liked how he ended up being seduced. Great job.