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Straight Guy: Drunk Friends (1/3) 
 61 votes
Author: chadfm  Published: 1/9/2007  story views: 20612

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Alcohol usually makes for a good time. Tonight in particular, my two best friends, Nick and Matt, and I were getting completely wasted! We have been bar hopping for about four hours now and we decided to go to a friend’s house. We played drinking games there for another two hours and then decided it was time to pass out. Matt and I shared an apartment within walking distance so we told Nick he could stay over since no one was going to drive.

We all get pretty horny when drunk but Nick and I are the worst. As Matt walked on, Nick and I made a pit stop beside a house to try to rub one out. We decided to race to see who could cum first. It began taking longer than we hoped, because we were that drunk, so we put are willing but not currently able chubbies back in our pants and walked the rest of the way to my house. Nick decided to sleep on Matt’s floor since his room was bigger. I went in my room and realized I was ridiculously horny from whacking but not cumming earlier. I began to wonder if Nick and maybe Matt felt the same way. Not entirely sure what my goal was I drunkenly wandered into Matt’s room. Matt was still awake and I could tell he was rubbing his cock on his sheets. He noticed me come in and asked, to my surprise, if he could use my vibrator. Matt knew about my vibrator because I tell him everything about my sex life with my girlfriend and about my own masturbation excursions. I had told him many times about how amazing it was to have an orgasm with a vibrator on your cock. I told him sure and went back to my room to get it.

My dick was throbbing as I thought about how Matt was about to pleasure himself with my toy and I hoped I could find a way to stay in his room and watch. I got back to Matt’s room and was about to hand it to him when suddenly I said that I wanted to show him how to use it right, not too sure what I was thinking and not too sure whether he would go for it, He moved his covers to reveal his very hard cock. I soon found out that his cock was about six inches long and very wide. It was about an inch and a half shorter than my cock, a lot thicker and circumcised. It bent sharply up towards his belly button which is something mine does not. My cock is uncut, long and straight with less thickness than Matt’s cock. I stared for a minute at Matt’s beautiful member forgetting what I offered to do and wondering why this turned me on so much.

I broke my trance and knelt by his bed. I turned on the vibrator and brought it to the swollen head of his dick. At the first touch he moaned loud which surprised and excited me. I began stoking the vibrator up and down his stiff shaft while he twitched and made sounds. We were not worried about waking up Nick because he is a very sound sleeper when he’s drunk. I started to realize that I wanted to do more to Matt’s cock. My face was only about a foot from Matt’s cock and I wanted it in my throat. I never even thought about being gay before and I did not have

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