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Straight Guy: Cruising (1/7) 
 44 votes
Author: ToryDonahue  Published: 9/16/2008  story views: 11600

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I'm 54 years old, married, two kids. I am an accountant, have a great career, make plenty of money. And for the past two years I have been cruising.

Once a week, maybe once every two weeks I risk all I have, my family, my career, to suck a man's cock, or bend over a rusty railing and take a hard prick up my ass. I know the risks to my life, my family, but I can't seem to stop, even if I wanted to.

When I was younger, I had some guy to guy experiences. Circle jerks when very young, then a few actual sexual experiences, one before I was twenty, a couple in my late twenties, and one in my early thirties. But then, once I married, once my career started, I put all that behind me, or so I thought. Twenty years or more went by. Sure, I jerked off to fantasies of guy to guy. I had lots of guy to guy porno, though my wife didn't know of it. I had dildos hidden around my house, and when my wife and kids would go to visit her parents, I would have them up me, long, fat.

Then I turned 50 and my thinking started to change. I was now closer to the end of my life than the beginning and it got me thinking. And once I started down that road of thought, of missed chances, unfulfilled needs, desires, it seemed as if I couldn't stop. Cock obsessed me. I had thousands and thousands of pictures of different cocks on my machine at work. Hundreds of gigabytes of gay flicks. I began to believe I had been deprived of what I really wanted to do in life, and it ate at me.

Then, one day when my family left to go visit her parents, instead of fucking my ass silly with dildos and jerking off until my 7 inch cut cock was so sore it hurt to wear pants, I got in my car. I went to the park. I had read in the local paper that this was the place where there was the most problem with gay guys seeking man to man sex. I was just going to look around, I told myself. Get myself hot, then go home and do what I always did when the family was away. But, as I walked the dark lanes I knew that if I had an opportunity, this night I would take it. I was tired of letting opportunities pass me by, and so many had because of fear. I was not going to let an opportunity pass me by tonight, not tonight.

After an hour of wandering, I had seen several people, mostly guys, but no one had come onto me. I turned to head back to the car, disappointment permeating every cell of my body. What the hell had made me think it would be so easy? Just show up, a 54 year old guy, and they would come running? I was in shape, slim, lean and about 6'2", but my hair was silver and I guess I just didn't dress the way a guy looking for action dressed.

"Going home so soon?" I damn near jumped out of my skin. I whirled around and faced a man, probably 10 years younger than myself. He was wearing jeans, a t-shirt and a sport jacket. His hair was brown, long.

"What?" I asked, after my heart had slid back
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