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Straight Guy: Big Bottom, Sexy Hot Breeder Manbabe Gets Laid (1/5) 
 108 votes
Author: Daniel Blue  Published: 10/21/2005  story views: 39791

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Tyler was really glad to find a new job, after being unemployed for a couple of months, but disappointed that he had to work with two macho, homophobic guys. Trouble was, the only work he could get was in a factory and the office he shared with the two guys was way out in the sheds, away from the main buildings so the badass breeders were the only people he saw all day.

Gary and Frank were a real pain in the ass. They were always making snide comments about Tyler's lifestyle, that is when they weren't looking at pictures of pussies in the office. Trouble is, they were both so damn hot that Tyler could hardly sleep at night for wanking off while thinking about them. Both were in their late thirties and good-looking and sexy in that beefy way that married men get when they enjoy a little too much beer and good food. Tyler knew he was considered odd by his friends for being turned on by men like that, but you can't fight your true nature. If not quite a chubby chaser he was definitely into the beefier side of life. The thought of having Gary or Frank sit on his face just made him so hard he often had to go into the toilet to whack one out.

Gary and Frank would always know when he had been at it.

'Been at it again, Tyler?' they would demand of him and in reply all he would do is blush.

Often Gary would grab a handful of his beefy nuts and say 'The sight of all this flesh driving you crazy?'

If only he knew the truth!

And then one day Frank simply didn't turn up for work. It turned out he had been fired and was too ashamed to stay in touch with Gary. Gary pined for his friend and was like a bad tempered bear with a toothache. Tyler just tried to keep out of his way until he calmed down. And slowly, slowly, his temperament seemed to improve. Now that Frank was gone Gary was lonely and had to turn to Tyler more and more for company.

As the weeks went by Gary found he developed a begrudging respect for the little guy. He certainly lived life on his own terms. He loved cock and didn't care what Gary thought about it. If only women loved cock as much as Tyler did, Gary thought to himself, the world would be a really wonderful place for men.

Tyler was a little more confident now that Frank was gone. He could tell that Gary's attitude towards him had changed. He was also aware of a growing curiosity in the big man. He had started asking Tyler about his personal life and about what he did in bed. Tyler answered as truthfully as he could, all the time thinking "If only I could show him..."

The more Gary asked Tyler about his sex life the bolder Tyler became. Soon the two men were flirting; there was no other way to describe it. And Gary really started turning up the heat now. He would brush past Tyler, his big basket brushing against Tyler's pert little ass, and ask him if he liked it. Of course he fucking liked it. Tyler had to pay more and more visits to the bathroom. And then one day Gary knocked on the door.

Hey Tyler, let me in' he said 'I wanna see how you gay guys do it.'

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Poster Thread
Posted: 2007/6/5 20:45  Updated: 2007/6/5 20:45
Joined: 2007/6/5
Posts: 13
 Well done!
I love the well fed Dads too. Skinny, hairless boys are for when you're fi fteen. When you're 30 something you have sex like a man
Posted: 2006/8/6 14:32  Updated: 2006/8/6 14:32
Joined: 2006/7/24
From: Rochester NY
Posts: 14
 BigBottom.Sexxy Hot Manbabe
Dude that is one hot story. Thanks for the rise it got out of me. Keep up the good work. I also like guys a little older and bigger.
Posted: 2006/7/7 1:27  Updated: 2006/7/7 1:27
Joined: 2006/6/27
From: Lexington, KY
Posts: 110
awesome alliteration! your amazing anecdotes assauge the asstacular atoms bouncing bountifully about the circumference of my crusty canal.