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Straight Guy: A Passionate Night in Paris, Part 1 (1/2) 
 22 votes
Author: sam572  Published: 10/30/2006  story views: 14819

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I had spent a few days in business meetings and had decided to get away from my business associates for one night and see if I could enjoy the delights of the beautiful French women. I had showered shaved and was heading out of my hotel looking for some action when I noticed some of the French Army Officers, with whom I had been dealing with during the day, having a drink at the hotel bar.

Not wanting to seem rude, I joined them and offered to buy them a drink. Among these gentlemen there was a young captain from the Foreign Legion, a handsome man who kept catching my eye and giving me a wry smile and engaging me in English. I thought nothing of this initially, thinking he perhaps just wanted to practice his English in conversation with me. I went to excuse myself
and head off for some fun when this young man stepped aside from the group and asked if I minded if he joined me. He indicated that as a Parisian he could show me some fine locations. Seemed innocent enough, so I welcomed his offer.

We caught a cab and drove away from the hotel side by side in the back seat.
Paul, my young companion, wasted no time in showing me his intentions. As soon as we were underway and in traffic, he turned to me and putting his hand inside my thigh and looking me deep in the eyes he asked if I would join him in bed. He wanted to fuck and make love to me all night.

I was flabbergasted. Never had I been propositioned by another man before. Oh, I had played around as a young teenager, feeling other boys and wanking together occasionally. I had also fantasized on occasions, as an adult, about being fucked by a handsome man. But this was different and I had to make a decision quickly as to how to react.

My heart raced and I felt faint as Paul's face closed in on mine and his hand began rubbing my stiffening cock. In a flash I had opened my mouth and pulled his face to mine. We kissed passionately and became very aroused, rubbing each other’s cocks through our trousers. Paul spoke in French to the driver and we turned off the main street and began negotiating some of the narrow side streets leading towards the Sein. The cab pulled over and Paul took my hand
and led me out as he paid the fare. We walked for a while, not saying anything, just holding hands in the moonlight alongside the Sein.

We reached a look out by the rivers edge and Paul stopped and pulled me into an embrace kissing me deeply and rubbing his crotch against mine. Now in his thick heavy French accent, he asked if I would like to make love with him in the open air. He said the thrill of being caught having sex in public is so exciting that I would remember this night forever. He was working me in to a hot sexual state where I could (did) not resist his advances.

The lookout had a small shelter with wooden benches, which would provide some protection from the passing walkers. Paul began by undoing my tie and shirt, rubbing my breasts, and kissing and nibbling my nipples. My cock was as hard as a rock and soon Paul had me semi naked as he pushed me back on

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