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Straight Guy: A "Mall"-velous Experience (1/3) 
 101 votes
Author: chchchchia  Published: 8/18/2008  story views: 27256

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The mall was empty today. Especially in the men's clothing department of some chain store that I don't remember the name of. Maybe this was because it was a hot summer Tuesday and most people were at the pool swimming. Or maybe this was because a nearby County Carnival was hogging all of the attention. I will never know, but I was glad that I saw one familiar face in the store. He was wearing a wife-beater and baggy lacrosse shorts. The shirt formed around the muscles I lusted after in high school, and the shorts flipped and flopped as he took every step. I wished that his shorts were see-through so I could see his dick like I did while showering after lacrosse practices. I myself was wearing a snazzy button down shirt and tie with matching slacks, as I had just returned from work and needed a new jacket to match. He walked up to me, and I pretended that I hadn't noticed him earlier.

"Hey! Avery! Is that you?" he asked.

"Oh, hey Mike! It's great to see you. It's been what, 3 years since we graduated?" I replied.

"Yeah, yeah. I think so," he said. "So what are you doing here?"

"I'm just buying myself a new jacket to wear at work. The three that I have don't seem to be enough."

"Really? I'm looking for a nice shirt and pants combo, but they're so hard to find in stores like this. Every time you find your size, all of the colors look like shit."

"Same. Are you working anywhere?"

"No, but I have an interview on Friday, and that's why I'm here. What size are you? Cause we definitely have the same body and I don't know what the hell my size is."

"I'm not really sure, I just try things on and go bigger or smaller."

"Oh, hmm. Let me ask you this: would you be willing to let me buy what you have on for, oh I don't know, $200?"

"Well of course! I need that money," I answered.

"Sweet! You can take my crappy clothes. I don't really need them. Let's go change in the dressing room."

We walked across to the other side of the store towards the dressing room. While talking to Mike, I could only think about wearing his well-used shorts and shirt. I could sniff the sweat all the time now instead of stealthily grabbing sniffs whenever I could in the locker room. We talked about a bunch of things. Mostly it was he talking, and the conversation was mostly he talking about how he and his ex-girlfriend just broke up. At the dressing rooms, I picked out the cleanest room and started walking in figuring that Mike would pick the one next to me.

"That one is way too small for the two of us. Let's go in the handicapped one," he said to me. I was shocked. I wouldn't think that we would go in the same room. Now I could see him shirtless and without shorts with only him around, not the rest of the lacrosse team. We entered the room, and immediately he took off his shirt. I paused to stare at his amazing six-pack that he's had since high school. "Well come on Avery, you'll have to take off your clothes off eventually." I nodded and took off my tie, folded it, and placed it down. I
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Poster Thread
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mall velus darling simply mall
Posted: 2008/8/23 12:43  Updated: 2008/8/23 12:43
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 A "Mall-Vellous" experience
I love the concept, I actually did that with a young salesman in a Store dr essing room once, here in a mall, it brought back great memories of that da y. Thanks.
Posted: 2008/8/19 2:04  Updated: 2008/8/19 2:04
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Yum! I want more!