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Straight Guy: Motel (1/3) 
 16 votes
Author: Ric  Published: 8/3/2006  story views: 7250

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My destination was Twin Falls, Idaho and I had left San Francisco in the afternoon. By 9:30 that evening, I was in Winnemucca, Nevada and was really exhausted from the trip. I decided to find a motel that I could at least rest for a few hours before driving the rest of the way.

I did see one motel with the Vacancy sign on but opted not to stay there because it looked like little shacks standing side by side. I drove a couple of more miles but saw any of the other motels had No Vacancy signs so, I turned around and headed back to the shacks motel.

Upon arriving, I went into the office and checked in. The only room they had was a non-smoking room and being that I smoke, I thought I could handle that and if I needed a cig, I could just step outside the room.

I went into the little shack and immediately got out of my traveling clothes and put on a thin t-shirt type of material shorts. It was hot and kind of muggy. I decided to step just outside the door and have a quick smoke before I hit the sack.

There was an old coffee can sitting on the ledge of the step railing that looked as though it had been used as an ashtray. I lit up a smoke and just stood there in the hot air. Nothing else on but my shorts. I had smoked about half my cig when I noticed the door of the shack room across the court opened and out stepped a guy in just a pair of boxer shorts. He lit up a cigarette and stood there looking around the place. I could barely make out his figure in the darkness but saw that he was a husky fellow but mostly all muscle.

As I took a drag off my cig, the glow evidently caught his eye. He stepped off his stairway and made his way over towards me. As he approached, he started the conversation with, "Is it hot enough for you?"

My response was, "If it got any hotter, we'd all be swimming in our own sweat."

As he got closer, I could see that he had a few days growth beard and had some hair on his chest and a little trail of hair made it's way down his stomach and into his shorts. Normally, I wouldn't go for buff guys but, this guy looked hot.

He started talking about how he was on his way to California for his daughter's wedding. His wife was like a babbling idiot. She was so excited and could hardly wait to go orchestrate the wedding. He said he was from Florida and raised stud bulls as a hobby. As he was talking, he reached down and adjusted his boxers. I could see quite a bulge there in the dim light. Even the fly on the boxers was standing partly open and I could see some of his pubic hairs sticking out. I finished my cig and told him that I had to hit the sack because I was beat. He asked if I was traveling with my wife. I told him no, I'm on a solo trip to see my brother. He reached down and adjusted his balls and told me to rest well, turned and went back to his shack.

I awakened in a pool of sweat and looked over at the clock.

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