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Quickie: The Jock (1/2) 
 22 votes
Author: bryansboy  Published: 5/30/2008  story views: 6531

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The college bell rang through the campus building and students hurried to get to class. Of course, there were certain students who took their time, such as the jocks who always had to play around. Another guy, a cute one had just gotten inside the classroom, and most of the campus knew he was gay. But no one knew how big his cock was.

He was sitting in his English class ready to study more boring poems, when one of the natural strays stopped by the classroom. The gay guy looked up and saw that it was his dream boy, a jock with a hot body and lots of muscles. His hair was brown and he had blue eyes. The jock had always played around in the classroom; many times he used to take off his shirt to show himself. The gay guy enjoyed every minute of it. His abs showed clearly in the light, and the boy had an erection immediately.

The gay guy had more classes with this jock stripping of his sexy clothes and, the jock noticed more and more that this guy was always looking at him. One day, near the last day of school, when the bell rung, the gay guy was stopped on his way out of the English classroom. He was stopped by this beautiful jock. His eyes were so hot, his face itself was hot. The jock gave him a note before he took off. The gay guy opened it and it said: “Meet me in the math hallway at the end of the day…” He put the note in his pocket, and smiled as he walked downstairs. Was this his time? His time to finally get it? The excitement arose inside him.

When classes were finally over, he waited in the math hallway. The campus got emptier as the students left and now the hallway was completely empty. Then, a door opened on the other side of the hallway and it was the jock. He waved to the gay guy, asking him to come over. And so he did. They went inside a classroom and the jock locked the door. He turned around and faced the gay guy. “I know you’re gay, I’ve seen how you’ve been staring at me during class.” The guy was speechless; he just wanted to fuck him. The jock took his t-shirt off, his abs visible. His body was so delicious, like candy. “So, you wanna fuck or not?”

The guy turned. “Heck yeah!”

They started to kiss while taking off their clothes and when they were completely naked, the jock lifted the gay guy and put him on the desk. Their cocks were hard as rocks and pre-cum was coming out. “God, your cock is huge!”

The guy just smiled. “Yeah, I have hidden secrets.”

The jock went down on him starting to suck on it like a lollipop. He swallowed the whole thing down his throat and the gay guy just moaned. They sucked cock for a long time. “Man, you’re so good.” The jock was impressed.

The gay guy looked over to him. “I want you to fuck me now!”

With no hesitation, the jock took a grip of his big cock and pressed it inside the guys shaved hole. They both enjoyed it for a long time. He went in and out faster and faster, until his cock exploded with cum inside the guy’s ass. It felt warm and good. Then, the jock went down on the
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