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Quickie: Basketball Hunk 
 29 votes
Author: nate004  Published: 5/23/2007  story views: 12683

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It was the early months and I had just enrolled at one of the best colleges ever. There were a lot of hot guys but this one particular basketball player was so hot. I tried to get on the basketball team but I was told I was too short, so every day I went to the gym and watched the team play. He was the captain and a hunk he’s so spunky that every time he ran you could tell he wasn’t wearing jocks. This one day I was starring so hard at his cock flying everywhere when he ran that I didn’t even notice the coach starring at me drooling over his team’s captain.

After the practice the captain approached me and said he needed a tutor for math or he would be kicked off the team, so I say yes. The next night he came over to my dorm with his books. When he walked in he said he needed a shower. I told him the door didn’t lock and he said he didn’t mind so he hopped in the shower. After five minutes the shower stopped so I walked in and he was wanking himself off. I stared at his hardness and said I just had to use the toilet so he walked out.

I walked out and he was on the bed and said he needed to rest after training and I just sat there staring at him. When he was in a deep sleep I pulled the blanket off him and slowly pulled down his pj's and started holding his cock. I then stood up and got completely naked. I then stripped him completely naked and started sucking him off. While I was doing that he woke up and I apologized. He said it was ok that was actually all he had come for. He then rolled me over and slowly shoved his hard on in my tight ass. I got so turned on over this I instantly got hard. He then said he had never sucked a guy before and stopped giving me anal and we did sixty-nine. Before too long we both swapped sperm, I slowly swallowed all of his.

We stopped after a while and I told him to come back for more tutoring tomorrow. He then asked me to be his roommate and I instantly said yes!

So every night we do the same kinda thing.
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Posted: 2007/5/27 18:13  Updated: 2007/5/27 18:13
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I think quickies are hard to write, and I have to admit, this one is good - - instant hardon here. Nice.