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Quickie: A Walk In The Park 
 49 votes
Author: Isinthas  Published: 2/1/2007  story views: 21359

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One day when I was 22 years old I went for a walk through Newtown and anyone who knows Newtown knows that there is always something or other going on there. Anyways, as I was walking around a corner I heard a soft moan. Ever so soft. I heard it again. So I began to investigate quietly. I then stumbled upon a young man who looked about my age sitting there completely naked stroking a cock that was about 8 inches long. I seized my chance. I stepped out of my hiding place and said, “Hello there!!!" I scared him so badly that he came right then and there. He was so embarrassed. He attempted to clean up but I said, "Allow me..." And I stripped off every layer of clothes I had on me and threw them off somewhere. I got down on my hands and knees and crawled over to him and wrapped my lips around that luscious bone. His cock tasted so good! I had trouble at first getting his entire thing inside my mouth, but I managed eventually. 20 minutes went by and I was still sucking. He finally came in my mouth, and I gagged because there was so much of it. But I lapped up every drop of his delicious juices. His fat dick spent and mine full of cum, I flipped him over onto his stomach and pulled his ass to my prick. I didn't have any lube so I just stuck my finger in his mouth and wet with his spit I stuck it into his asshole. I worked it for 30 seconds until I worked in 3 fingers...I pulled them out and his hole was still gaping wide open. Wide enough for me to plunge into him with all my energy and fuck him hard. I fucked that hole for a good 10 minutes before I flipped him back over and shot the biggest load of my life all over his chest and into his mouth and on his huge dick, which was now ready to be sucked again.

We were done in about an hour and when we finished I stood up and stretched. He began to dress. He then kissed me ever so softly and left. I began to look for my clothes and then realized I didn't remember where I had thrown them. As time when by I just gave up the search and walked out back onto the path butt naked and still with an erection. I walked leisurely past a group of college girls that giggled and pointed as I passed. And all the way back home from there. I got many laughs and points...and honks. When I got home I turned on the TV, still naked, then got into the shower to clean off. I took my shower, rubbed my body clean, and turned it off. I walked outside of my room with no towel to see a good sex buddy of mine sitting on the couch staring at me. He said, “I guess you forgot that I know where your spare key is..." He gave me a very sensual smile and I returned it...

Want to find out what happens next? Read "A Walk in the Park: Part II"!
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