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Lusty Liaisons: His Own Personal Space (1/3) 
 22 votes
Author: ruff boy  Published: 1/25/2007  story views: 2942

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Having passed the small dilapidated building many times, he noticed no signs of disturbance on the outside. The day he finally went inside he then knew no one was stopping there. The cobwebs hung all around the doorframe and rafters. He always wanted to be hidden inside as he pulled his jeans down and masturbated some sunny day. Or especially some rainy day.

Today he did so. The rain had finally arrived ensuring not many people would be out walking. He felt so naughty taking his pants down to his knees, his cock already hard. He braced himself with his right arm on a counter near a window. His left hand he grasped the base of his erection. The pre-cum already leaking down over the top of his hand. Imagining some strange man taking his ass then he began stroking. The man would be fucking his ass hard as he also slapped it.

Then out the window he saw a male figure walking past on the beaten trail that was about 30 feet in front. That man. Maybe that man would come in here and spank me and fuck me, he thought. His orgasm built until he gushed his load out onto the dusty floor. It was done. His first time masturbating inside. He gathered himself and headed on his way.

The rains continued. He wasn't able to get back to the grey and dank shed for a couple of days. Then one day he made sure of was on the weekend. The fog had settled thick that early Saturday morning. He anxiously made his way towards the edge of town to the empty field where the shed stood. He could not see of anyone was about so he strode cautiously. He knew with all the dampness on the ground, any footfalls he would not hear either.

Gingerly stepping around the clutter of wood and high brush at front of the shed he passed by the window he looked out that first day. His heart raced as he saw a figure sitting on the tipped over shelf in the middle of the floor. He noticed it was a man. This man had his pants down at his ankles The man had his back to the window. He appeared to be looking down at something in front of him. Unmistakably this stranger was masturbating. He carefully and slowly pushed the door aside and closed it behind him. He was not yet detected by the man. He crept by the metal air ducts stacked just inside the door, making sure not to creek the wood floor.

He was close enough to now see just over the man's shoulder. It was then he saw the video camera on an old chair in front of the man. He could see the image clearly. He saw his own image as he masturbated that first day. The man who walked by that day. "He had put a camera inside and filmed me", he thought to himself. Suddenly the man stopped. "So I see you caught me before I caught you."

Startled the man began to rise. "No, stay there.", he said. "I am going to let you know how I feel about being filmed without my knowing it." He made the man stand only so he could sit where he had been sitting. "Now you’re going to be punished for doing that to me." He took the man across his lap. This man's ass was voluptuously full. Not fat, but fleshy. He was tensing

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Posted: 2007/1/26 1:10  Updated: 2007/1/26 1:10
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I have a nice hot hole too, just waiting for you to fuck Tom,