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Lusty Liaisons: Abandoned Subway (2/6) 
 28 votes
Author: Jax Riley  Published: 5/1/2007  story views: 5638

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train approached Forty-Second Street, Randy stood up. Both men were pretty much of equal height. He was unprepared for the train to stop as suddenly as it did which threw him off balance and into Derek.

“Hey, easy man.” Derek said.

“Get your fucking hands off me.” Randy snarled.

Derek looked at him and shook his head.

“Get off, man. Start walking.”

Derek turned to him. “You talking to me?”

“Yeah asshole, now put one foot in front of the other and get moving.”

People were watching as Randy made a fist and began shoving Derek out the door of the train. On the busy platform very few noticed the confrontation and this being New York, very few would have cared if they had seen it.

“You know, if you’re seen on camera, Port Authority police are going to arrest your ass man.”

“You wish asshole. Just keep walking.” Randy snarled. He stayed in close to Derek so it just looked like another hurried person being slowed down by someone in front of them.

They continued walking down the platform and Derek stopped when he felt a hand on his shoulder turn him.

“Jesus man, I’m cooperating, don’t be so rough.”

“Turn.” Randy barked

“Where?” Derek asked.

“Turn, I said.” Randy growled forcibly pushing Derek though a door on his left. Inside there was a short corridor and another door. Randy shot his right leg out past Derek and kicked the door open. Derek found himself staring down a long flight of metal stairs.

His heart now beginning to thud powerfully in his chest, he put his hands up on either side of the doorway.

“Move!” Randy commanded.

“Are you fucking crazy? Where does this go to?” Derek asked.

Randy kept one hand forcibly on Derek’s shoulder and began to force him down the stairs.

“C’mon man, where does this go? Can we talk about this?”

“You shouldn’t have messed with me like that.” Randy said sternly.

“Like what?” Derek asked as they descended deeper and deeper into the bowels of New York.

“On the train. You always cruise the trains?”

“Oh man, I was just having fun. I didn’t mean nothin’ by it.”

“Too late.” Randy growled, adding, “Move!”

“Aww fuck.” Derek said as they reached level ground and stopped. He looked around and saw what looked like a mine shaft. Wooden scaffolding, bare rock, dirt. This didn’t look good.

“Now what?” He asked.

“Clasp your hands behind your back and walk over to that wall.”

“Huh?” Derek asked dumbfounded by what his eyes were seeing.

“Are you stupid too, pretty boy…Huh? The fucking wall….MARCH!”

“What wall, it’s all rock?” Derek asked frantically interrupting him.

Randy shoved him forward. “Just walk.”

“Holy shit man, do you have a gun?” Derek asked in a choked voice.

“I might.” Randy stated.

As he slowly took each step, he heard quick footfalls behind him. Before he could turn to see what was happening, he felt a hand on his shoulder, gripping him hard as he turned and Randy’s body against his backing him against a wooden beam.

“What the…” Derek said as he was whipped around and Randy was against him. His mouth on Derek’s, hungry…

Randy’s hands came up and held Derek’s head while their tongues duelled. Wet, hungry kisses, heavy breathing,
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