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Group: Roadside Rest Area Romp (1/4) 
 25 votes
Author: bardohio  Published: 6/5/2008  story views: 8139

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(A friend of mine told me this story, and he swears it’s true. I tend to believe him, because he is the type of guy to whom this sort of thing happens – go figure.)

I was driving back home after a week in Nashville on business, during which I stayed with a close buddy and spent the weekend. It was now early Sunday evening, and I was headed back up north, hoping to get home early enough for a good night’s sleep before facing another Monday at work.

A full moon was just rising as I got across the Brent-Spence Bridge over the Ohio River, and through Cincinnati and onto I-71 North without much trouble, nor much traffic, thank somebody’s God. I kept going, hoping to break out of town without incident. As I got further north, and out into the open country, I developed a rather urgent need to pee. Somewhat north of town there is a large rest area near the Miami River, and I pulled into it with gratitude. There were only a couple of cars – and no trucks – in the place, which was surprising, because it is in a heavily-traveled area, and the rest area is almost always full.

The men’s room has a large area at the front with about 5 sinks on either side of the sidewalls, and then another room behind that. The left side of the back room has about 10 stalls, and the right side has about 10 urinals. I started to head for the urinals, but then I saw something in the stall area I had never seen before. Above one of the stalls were two human hands, holding on to the top of the stall. There was no one else around, and no one said anything, nor did I hear any noises, just these two disembodied hands up there. I called back, “Are you ok?”

In response, both hands waved, and then one hand crooked its index finger at me in a ‘follow-me’ motion – it seemed to be indicating for me to come on over.

I didn’t say anything, but I walked back towards this curious sight, and now the one hand pointed down into the stall next to the one that the hands were clinging to. Thoroughly intrigued by now, I opened the door of the stall, which the hand pointed to, which swing back against the opposite wall from the one where the hands were.

The stall door opened on a truly beautiful sight. The toilet paper dispenser had been completely removed from the wall of the stall, and was placed neatly on the back ledge of the toilet, behind the plumbing standard and flush handle. This left a large hole that went clear through the wall of the partition. Dangling out of the hole was a slim, long, pale-pink cock, with a healthy set of ruby-red balls behind it – the hole was large enough so that the complete cock-and-balls were totally on my side of the partition. I could see a pair of slim thighs, with a small thatch of golden pubes, pressed firmly against the
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Posted: 2010/6/21 2:18  Updated: 2010/6/21 2:18
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if i was your friend i would ask them for phone numbers to make sure i see them again or when i want
Posted: 2008/6/6 1:09  Updated: 2008/6/6 1:09
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 Roadside Rest Area Romp
Amazing! I will look out for this rest area the next time I'm on the road! Josh