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First Time: The massage table (1/12) 
 193 votes
Author: monkeyjunk  Published: 9/14/2009  story views: 85106

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Let me start by saying that I am not gay... I have not ever had a gay experience nor any interest in it. There is nothing wrong with being gay I just never had any draw towards that experience. I don’t know what the label is for what the experiences in this story describe...

I am a sports massage therapist, I work at a local spa and cater to a client of professional and semi professional and casual sports enthusiasts. I have a clientele of mainly men with a few women, but for some reason women aren’t drawn to male massage therapists. I have several clients who are gay and have been asked on several occasions to perform “extra” services to finish out the massage for clients and have never crossed that ethical line...nor have I ever been tempted to...Until Adam came into my therapy room.

Now the massage is no normal massage, it requires a great deal of stretching and manipulation of the body that requires me to manipulate the sheets and coverings so that I can maintain the client's modesty. Adam had been coming to my spa for about 2 months, maybe 3 different visits. Enough that I had a file on him with past complaints and remedies to his musculature. He was in his mid forties (as am I) and had a swimmers physique. Not too muscular but fit and trim. I took no particular interest in him at first nor did I particularly enjoy our sessions -- it was work. We often made small talk prior to the session, inquired about wives and such but by and large had very little verbal interaction. Our sessions took a considerably erotic turn after about our 6th appointment.

He had come in complaining of a pull to his left quadriceps. I went through the normal massage with him laying on his stomach I worked his back and shoulders and the backs of his legs. I asked him to turn over onto his back and I worked his chest and arms then started to focus on his quads. As I am rubbing him down he is covered only with a thin sheet across his lower abdomen, otherwise completely naked. I work his right quad then his left as he tells me where the pull is. I intensify the treatment to the afflicted area and begin to notice that the sheet is moving independent of my ministrations. Adam is getting aroused as I work his leg. Now this isn’t the first time I have had clients get erections but this is the first time I have witnessed it from flaccid to hard. As I work the leg I am transfixed by the gradual growth of his cock under the sheet; before long he was full on pitching a tent.

Normally I would ignore it and move on but the thought of another man’s hard cock as a result of my manipulations was suddenly overwhelming. Without even thinking, I started to push my luck. I massaged further up the leg and into the inner thigh, I crept closer and closer to the his crotch until finally my finger grazed his scrotum. Instantly the sheet jumped. I cautiously did it again and again the sheet jumped. Adam didn’t make a sound as several more times over the course of the next 10 minutes I came in contact with his sack and each time his cock reacted to my touch...and each time Adam didn’ t say a word...

It was obvious by this point
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Poster Thread
Posted: 2011/12/20 4:52  Updated: 2011/12/20 4:52
Joined: 2011/12/20
From: New Zealand
Posts: 6
I was hard throughout!.......LUVD IT!
Posted: 2010/8/4 18:57  Updated: 2010/8/4 18:57
Joined: 2010/6/18
Posts: 3
 fuckin hotttt!!
What a great story. I came buckets at the end = = such anticipation and so sexy. I'd love to meet a cool horny guy at work and have a long term relati onship. What a turn on. MORE PLEASE
Posted: 2010/7/4 14:50  Updated: 2010/7/4 14:50
Joined: 2010/4/18
From: Yakima,
Posts: 25
All I can say is Wow!! Damn that was a Erotically Fabulous story, I've enjo yed reading it from the start. I really hope that it doesn't end here, I ha d to of shot at least 5 major loads from just reading this!! Please continu e this, I would love to see where it goes next!!
Posted: 2010/2/5 20:06  Updated: 2010/2/5 20:06
Joined: 2009/9/6
From: Los Angeles
Posts: 9
 More please
That was one of the hottest pieces of porn I've ever read. I felt I was the re on the table, You have a way with words.Love the foreplay and all that pre-cum
Posted: 2009/11/7 19:26  Updated: 2009/11/7 19:26
Joined: 2009/9/6
From: Los Angeles
Posts: 9
 On the Table
Hot Damn You kept me hard all the way. My briefs were moist with pre-cum.Lo ve massage stories that build and build I'm also into shaved balls and shav ed ass. Just leave the hairy trail leading to a trim bush. Maybe your next story could involve a little shaving before the cock fest
Posted: 2009/11/3 8:50  Updated: 2009/11/3 18:04
Joined: 2006/9/14
Posts: 11
 Good job.
Posted: 2009/10/8 9:00  Updated: 2009/10/8 9:00
Joined: 2006/10/17
From: NYC
Posts: 10
 Great story
The feeling you describe as you were gripping his cock for the 1st time is so familiar... I'm going to read this again
Posted: 2009/10/1 19:57  Updated: 2009/10/1 19:57
Joined: 2007/7/7
Posts: 144
 The massage table
As I am breathing so very hard it is even harder to type. WOWE what a grea t story! Of course I could not help but to shoot 2 times while reading this great story! I have a feeling the next one will be just as good! Thanks for sharing Josh
Posted: 2009/9/18 16:48  Updated: 2009/9/18 16:48
Joined: 2007/5/12
From: Montreal, Canada
Posts: 33
Fucking HOT, HOT, HOT ! Where are your other stories man ? Don't tell us th is is your only one???
Posted: 2009/9/18 11:13  Updated: 2009/9/18 11:13
Joined: 2008/4/2
From: Seattle Wa
Posts: 49
 Awesome story
This had me enthralled - mentally and physically - as I went from page to p age. My fist M2M sexual experience was during a professional massage sessi on. I too continued to make appointments as the massuer mentored me in the wonders of male sensuality, including the first cock I ever sucked, the cu m I swallowe, the totally sexual hot shower, fingering and probing ( though not fucking my ass). Thanks for the massive arousal!!
Posted: 2009/9/14 22:05  Updated: 2009/9/14 22:05
Joined: 2009/9/11
From: Perth Western Australia
Posts: 3
 What a hot session
I loved it. It was so exciting to go with you through your awakening and fi nal loss of your virginity. What a great fuck, I came with you at the end. I also will look forward to his next visit.