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First Time: The Adult Arcade (1/2) 
 14 votes
Author: bitwixt  Published: 3/2/2010  story views: 6566

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I drove by the place almost every day growing up and always wondered what kind of video games they had in an adult arcade. Not many days after I turned eighteen my shadow crossed through the doorway of that place and my life was forever changed. I remember the nervous tension that immediately settled over me as I browsed the shelves full of naked beauty and tawdry sex. There were a number of men in the place and I felt like I was being watched with every step.

I followed the aisles around the store and came to a section that sent a lump down my drying throat. The boxes on those shelves had no women, but plenty of raw, naked sex. It took me back to my childhood days when a friend of I played a little naked game when we would spend the night at each other’s homes, but that’s another story. By now my pants grew tight around my crotch and I wanted to whip it out and take care of myself like I had done for so many years in my own room. I turned around to hurry to my car, but when I did I noticed a door into a darkened room with a sign over it that read “Arcade.” There it was…adult video games!

I felt very naughty and checked over my shoulder, then disappeared into the darkness. Booths lined the hallway on both sides and the sounds and smells of sex was in the air. The curtain was open to a booth near the end. I took a few steps and heard something or someone behind me. I turned around and saw one of they guys who had been watching me standing against the wall with his hands in his pockets, staring at me. My hands grew clammy and I wanted to get out of there, but my cock was harder than it had ever been and I was so close to answering a long time question.

I resumed my path toward the booth, entered it, and then closed the curtain behind me. I noticed the bill accepter , took a couple dollars out of my pocket and slid them into the machine. The screen in front of me came to life and the sound was really loud, embarrassingly so. I quickly reached up for the volume knob and turned it. It didn’t control the volume. The scene in front of me switched from a man and woman in the throes of uncontrolled passion to a scene with a young man standing against a bathroom wall. The room looked like a high school setting and there were what appeared to be text books on the sink, but my eyes focused more on the older man kneeling in front of the younger. His mouth was wrapped around the cock of the closed-eye student and they both seemed to be enjoying themselves tremendously.

I forgot about the volume and unzipped my pants which fell to the floor. I felt the wet spot developing on my white briefs and massaged my cock. I was about to cum, but I didn’t want to so I stopped. I saw a bench behind me so I dropped my briefs and sat down to watch. The older man stopped sucking, stood up and turned the young man around. He removed his pants and began massaging the smooth young ass with his cock.

Suddenly I felt a hand, not my own, on my cock. I jerked to the side of the

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Posted: 2010/3/3 1:53  Updated: 2010/3/3 1:53
Joined: 2009/12/10
From: Metz, France
Posts: 135
There was an innocence and naiveté about this story which I enjoyed.